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XKR convertable Vs M3 Convertable

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Originally posted by rincewind1013

How could you possibly pick the M3 over the Jag? The Jag is on another level. I'm not sure how they compare on a track or anything, I'm guessing the M3 will tear it up, but a car is more than just 0-60 and skidpad and whatnot. Its all about the experience and the drive. Now I havent driven either a M3 or a Jag, closest thing is a Taurus which if you squint and stare directly in the sun and like sort of sideways glance kinda sorta looks like a Jag, but I'm willing to bet a Jag will give you a nicer ride.

I'm at Edmunds and they say the new Lexus SC430 compares with the M3 convertible. What would you guys pick? Since I have my new Lexus SC430 book right here, here are some specs:

4.3L V8 5sp Automatic



0-60 in 5.9

1/4 mile - 14.4s

Top Speed - 156

Drag - .31 (.30 with spoiler)

fuel consumption - 18/23


Give me a break, I've driven both the SC430 and the M3, there's no way an SC430 will ever compare to an M3 and in person after you drive it for a while and look at it, its not as pretty. The M3 is insanely fast that's what your driving experience is about, not a nice ride, go buy a caddilac if u want a nice ride. I love jags and have driven many, but an M3 is far surperior performance wise that its an easy decision. The XKR is a lot more expensive as well, for that price if I'm gettin a jag, I'll get the XJR S/C version. The SC430 is a cruiser not a performance vehicle.

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Originally posted by kiwi


the 370 Hp high torque engine in the heavy Jag is the right engine for it. Put the M3's lower HP and torque  engine in the Jag and you'd have a car that was a lot slower than what it is now!!!!!!!


Pardon my omission. I like the M3 engine better e5tyg89hv 5v8uerg v h5gh8e rhgv 8yg 348t bfuck fuck fuckf uck fuck fuck fuck , but it would be slower in a heavier XKR. So, put an XKR body on an M3 chassis + engine. Simple and clean.

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The XKR is said to have a softer suspension, and My friend got to test drive the M3 coupe, and he said the power was overwhelming, and the suspension was 100% better than his325CI w/ the sport suspension on it. I dont know the exact price one the XKR, let alone the convertible, I do know that it'll probably run around $80-$90 grand, and the M3 convertible I know starts at $60,000 cause I was up talking to Cumberland Valley Motors and he was giving me the lowdown on the M3 convertible.

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Nah I don't think so, they refer to it as a Special Edition. It has an upgraded 410hp and 420lbs of torque. It also comes with a 6 speed manual tranny, Eibach racing shocks, racing clutch, stiffer anti-rollbars and wider tires. A lot chaged from the regular XKR since the 6 speed manual is in there. I definetely wouldnot mind taking this car over the M3. It's a bit pricey, but it's a beautiful car.

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