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XKR convertable Vs M3 Convertable

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Originally posted by The Nod Fish

But the M3 engine in the XKR convertible, and i'd take it.  I say ditch both cars and grab a 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet.


the 370 Hp high torque engine in the heavy Jag is the right engine for it. Put the M3's lower HP and torque engine in the Jag and you'd have a car that was a lot slower than what it is now!!!!!!!

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I think we all can agree on the fact that the M3 clearly is faster than the XKR.




8:22 = 149 km/h BMW E46 M3

8:36 = 145 km/h Jaguar XKR

8:49 = 141 km/h Jaguar XKR Coupe (automatic)


Mind you the last time (8:49) was driven by a tester from Sport Auto, which have very much experience on the Ring.

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I'd go for the jag. BMW's styling just isn't for me. I love the way the big jag looks.


For me, there is more to a car than how good it goes around a track, being that my vehicles will probably never see a track anyway, and I bet the jaguar can handle pretty damn good at street speeds.

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I dislike the BMW styling, they changed it but not drastically, i love the way the jag looks, so teh jag is the car for me. Also i see lots of BMW 3 series around and i think they are not as good looking or as rare as the jag.

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Hey if we're going to bring muscle cars into this the Viper RT/10 costs 75k to the XKR's 87k, although the M3 is clearly the bargain of the group at 55k.


Yes yes I know the Viper offers none of the refinement of either of the other two. But it will outperform either by a huge margin. Of course, performance isn't really the main issue here, PontiacGP has a point. The M3 and XKR are about style, quality, and class along with quite sufficient performance. The choice really comes down to whether you lean more towards sport or luxury, and whether you want the 6 speed manual.

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How could you possibly pick the M3 over the Jag? The Jag is on another level. I'm not sure how they compare on a track or anything, I'm guessing the M3 will tear it up, but a car is more than just 0-60 and skidpad and whatnot. Its all about the experience and the drive. Now I havent driven either a M3 or a Jag, closest thing is a Taurus which if you squint and stare directly in the sun and like sort of sideways glance kinda sorta looks like a Jag, but I'm willing to bet a Jag will give you a nicer ride.

I'm at Edmunds and they say the new Lexus SC430 compares with the M3 convertible. What would you guys pick? Since I have my new Lexus SC430 book right here, here are some specs:

4.3L V8 5sp Automatic



0-60 in 5.9

1/4 mile - 14.4s

Top Speed - 156

Drag - .31 (.30 with spoiler)

fuel consumption - 18/23

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