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XKR convertable Vs M3 Convertable

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Clearly, these cars are marketed to different buyers. The XKR is automatic only, softer suspension, a little bigger, and a little more expensive. The M3 is 6 speed only, sports suspension, and fairly compact. The XKR is for the older buyer or the one less focused on sport than luxury, while the M3 is a Corvette disguised as a 2+2. My pick is the M3, but maybe when I'm old and too lazy to shift (and I hope that day will never come) the XKR.

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Remember that you can order the CATS suspension on the XKR and it does have close to 370 HP, so auto isn't that much of a problem. I see it a somewhat a ladies car also. Still I prefer the M3, but the Jag isn't a bad car.

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o c'mon people. A nice 3 Series or the top of the line Jaguar sports car. I see many XK8's. I see no XKR's.


I think they are absolutely beautiful cars, a lot sexier than an M3 and the soft suspension, bah u can get the Silverstone Edition if u got 81,000$$ to spend anyways u can get suspension as stiff as.....


The m3 is great the jag is a freakin jag..

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