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Ultimate Middle-aged Woman Sportscar


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Originally posted by McLaren LM


Man you sure got that right guy! POSER chick ride all the way... And I remember someone trying to say that TR7's, SunBeams etc... are slow but still considered sports cars, as in reference to the dismal preformace of the miata in regards to the all the appraise and "sports car" nonsense attached to it... Hate to tell whoever it was, but Hey MORON! Those cars WERE FAST back in their day... Overzealous, middle age, wanna-be mid-life crisis, blow yer loot on a bug sized poser candy car! :D Have a nice day ;)


I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.


Hey fucktard! Those cars weren't even fast in a straight line back in their day! You have no fucking clue, because you're a pea brained shithead with zero practical experience. The Miata has been hailed by those in the industry, and those who KNOW sports cars, as the "quintissential sports car." That would be groups ranging from the magazine Sports car International to Road & Track, and from ruling bodies such as the Sports Car Club of America (you DO know who the SCCA is, don't you, moron?) to the FIA.


The Miata has been a potent weapon in sports car racing since its introduction, winning many major national and international championships. If that's being a "poseur" then you're Bill Clinton's next fuck-monkey.


Get a goddamn clue. Fuck, I hate ignorant shits. Turning big numbers is all that's important, and the realities of what a sports car are about vanish in their narrowminded worldview. But that's what you get when you need your car to suppliment your fucking dick.

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The miata for sure is not a poser car. It practically put the affordable roadster back on the map. Prior to its introduction, many car companies didnt believe that there was a market for those types of cars and now look at the industry:


Honda S2000 Roadster

Toyota MR2 Spyder Roadster

BMW Z3 Roadster

Audi TT Roadster

Mercedes SLK Roadster

Porsche Boxster

Cadillac Evoq Roadster +

Nissan Z +


+next yr


I mean looks like every company introduced their own roadster after the Miatas success paved the way. So thank the miata whenever u see any of these cars on the road, because they may never have been built if the miata didnt prove to the automobile industry that the american public will buy the roadster and it can make money after the sports car purge of the early 90's.


On another note I still think the Miata is a womans car. It was voted #3 in top 10 cars that are "womans cars" on AOL and also some other mags i forget. That doesnt mean its a bad car that can kill basically every car in its price in handling and maneuverability. You should see one in action in the streets of Manhattan to get impressed by its handling capabilities weaving thru a thicket of yellow cabbies

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Heh, I HAD to post that, I knew who it was... Chris V. I just wanted to see just how destructive he would get, knowing that I posted it. I still don't like the miata, it's a "sports" car, but all in all, it was worth seeing the flame of a reply :) hehe...

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