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Porsche 924 vs. Ferrari Mondial 8


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Originally posted by John

I think it's both Ferrari's and Porsche's worst cars IMO.  I don't want either.


I agree with John. I really wouldn't want either. The Ferrari is ugly and underpowered, and the Porsche is powered by a updated combi engine.

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Lol, persid! Good point!


Actually, the 924 is a $1500 car, so even a nice one is undoubtably not as nice as many cars here. FUn, maybe, but not necessarily the better car.


The Mondial, OTOH, is still a Ferrari (usually available with the 3.2, so basically it's a 328 with room for packages behind the front seats). It's better than the prior 308GT4 Dino, but even those can be pretty decent. I should scan in the pics of my buddy Neil's Mondial 3.2 cabro at the autocross. I wouldn't mind having that car at all...




Scroll down to the Mondial portion (just past the 308GT4). I really don't see that car as being all that ugly, even for a Ferrari. And the convertible version is sweet... http://www.testarossa.nl/modellen/mondialt...lt_gallery.html






Yes, I'd rather have this one: http://www.ferrari-losgatos.com/ferrari99/car8afx.jpg


But a Ferrari is a Ferrari...

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Originally posted by AndreyS

Oh no, not better than my Volvo...



They aren't a disease, they're more like a sign of failure of two great automakers, people try to stay away from failures.


Sorry, but with 2660 Mondials made between '80-93, they are far from being a "failure". In fact, they are Ferrari's second highest selling model.

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Haven't driven either :)


But even if I were to rip on the 924 (which I didn't; it may not have been a great car, but it has its' good points), I guess I'd be justified in doing so because I do own a more capable car than a 924... my car goes from 0-60 faster than even the original 944, Road and Track lapped the skidpad at 0.88g with it in a test, and I could probably squeeze out a 924 in top end, although it would be close.


Just out of curiousity... I was talking to my grandfather's friend (a certified car nut... he's got an MG-TD, a Fiat 500, an Austin-Healy 100M and an NSU Spyder tucked away, as well as a few other cars I can't remember...), and I heard him say that 924s were to be avoided because exhaust gases tended to leak in the hatchback. True?

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Originally posted by MikAnchovy

a Fiat 500,


Ha! Those things rock! The father of my friend, big Porsche fan, had one of those things as his first car. Pretty funny little things.


Anyways, as to the topic, whether or not these two stand well on their own, being compared to the rest of what their two respective companies put out puts them in an entirely different light. The Mondial, I must say, is the dullest Ferrari I've ever seen (that says something about the styling of the '80s, even the Ferraris weren't all that great).


But hey, a Ferrari is a Ferrari... and so I'd choose the Mondial.

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