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Battle of the SUV's



  1. 1.

    • RX300
    • X5 3.0
    • ML 320
    • Range Rover 4.0
    • Tahoe 5.3

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"P.U.V" Posing Utility Vehicle... which all of them, cept the rover, are included... All these damn yuppies buying up these shined up dump trucks so they can have a false sense of safety and an even GREATER false sense of domination of everyone else on the road. Hardly nobody takes their precious +$30,000 hyped up station wagon over anything more dangerous than some loose gravel driveways or the occassion soccer field... What a waste of money, GAS! Ozone layer and most of all american ideals.


The mighty Rover is the only proven "SUV" out of the bunch, for decades over.

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actually i think the Grand Cherokee will still $hit on the Discovery, as C&D did a comparo a while back with the last gen G. Cherokee and the dicovery in there, and i believe the cherokee still won...





Tahoe has class??? lol...good one.


if it's the soccer-mom-with-kids-screaming-in-the-back class your looking for, fine...


seriously though, around here, every 3 cars is a Tahoe with a mom driving.


A Range Rover is MUCH more exclusive.

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No, I don't consider the Tahoe in any package to be a serious offroader. The full size Chevy's stopped being that with the demise of the old K5 Blazer. Which are still available on the used market, for cheap. Which is the only way to go serious offroading, as making payments on a $30-40k rig and beating the crap out of it simply don't go together in my book.


But I do take umbrage to the contention that all SUVs are or ever have been are poseur rigs, and gas guzzlers.


Actually, it's the last assertion that merits scorn: Most every SUV uses less fuel than the average supercar, or modded musclecar, and is at least as useful on a daily basis (and more useful in many cases). If gas guzzling and need are to be factored in, it makes more sense to scowl at supercars, exotic cars, and all our favorite modded older musclecars than at SUVs. And I certainly don't want to give lawmakers the regulatory leverage needed to outlaw or even more heavily regulate any of THOSE cars, so I have to support SUVs as a valid choice in a free market.

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Personally i think the new chevy suv's have grown weaker through the years, although they still beat the fords hands down. I dislike the new tahoe styling too, not as rugged. The K5's were really good offroad SUV's my friend has one and it gets through all the snow and good stuff, not like these new suvs which are more statements of how much money one makes.

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