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Battle of the SUV's



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    • RX300
    • X5 3.0
    • ML 320
    • Range Rover 4.0
    • Tahoe 5.3

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it is IMO pretty stupid to buy an SUV that cannot do very well offroad, and i see a heck of a lot of X5's around and they get boring, if you want something that is fast, can carry all the kids and with all wheel drive buy a volvo Cross country.

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I picked the chevy because it would fit me. If any jeep or landrover defender 90 was up there I'd go for that.


These hybrid car based suvs really don't do anything for me. If I want a vehicle to handle great on road, I'll drive a sports car and have my truck based/ or non-poseur suv to play with.

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Originally posted by gimpyben

Lexus, just to lower it and fuck around with.  I would never go off road in any vehicle over $10K.


Lol! So true. If I'm going offroading, it'll be in a beat up Baja Bug, older CJ5, or something equally thrashable. IF I were to get real serious, I'd also add an old army Unimog to the list.


But a modern SUV is a tall station wagon with minor unpaved road abilities. With that, a car like the Allroad really doesn't compete, as it doesnt necessarily have the carrying capability.


But then again, it's not about need. Ever. (as an example, I'd rather have my old $1500 '72 Suburban than any new Allroad...)

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Originally posted by LotusGT1

I voted for the Range Rover because it has style the others (excluding the Bmw) don't have....AND it can go off-road...


Range Rover? Style? WTF are you talking about ;)


What style does the Range Rover possible have? Don't get me started on the Land Rover either.


Tahoe has far more style.


BTW, Chris.. You don't think the Z package on the Tahoe is any good for offroad?

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