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Are you a Honda guy or a VW guy?

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A guy in my building parks his older GTi in our garage. It's a pretty sweet car. He's got it hooked up too. I know he has an aftermarket exaust, low profile rubber, and BBS rims. He probably has engine mods, too anhe also lowered his suspension. I seen him revving it up on the streets and it pulls pretty good. Overall I'd have to say I like Hondas better. I don't know much about VWs and lately I've been hearing that have some reliability issues. Hondas are pretty much famous for reliability and their fun cars. Honda has definetely earned some respect. I also agree with JZ, those friggin Nissans are nice!

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I personall don't like rabbits. But that is my opinion. I would rather have a dodge omni glh-t instead which are also very capable cars and in case of the omni from hell, capable of a 2nd place overall in the one lap of america in it's heyday. Now, a golf would be just fine, but personaly, I like jetta's as far as Vw's are concerned.

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Hmm....I think the Mk.I Golf GTi (aka Rabbit) is an awesome car. Looks good (I really do think so) and is a good drivers car. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. But I also think that the Mk.III and Mk.IV Golf's suck major a$$. They are flabby poseur cars, VR6 or not I don't care, VW sold out and went comfy for its performance icon. In fact I always wanted a Mk.II 16v its such a cool car. Preferably black with euro bumpers, quad headlights and red trim on the outside. But nowadays I would MUCH rather have an Integra GSR over a GTi VR6.

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Hey RuchG I have that Mk2 GTi 16v Red with black interior quad grill and big bumpers and let me tell you I love it. I wouldn't want to drive anything else at the moment. I think I'll only drive german cars for the rest of my life, I just don't like anything else.


Oh if you couldn't tell I'm a die hard dubber 4 Life! Ha, this summer I plan on getting a volkswagen tattoo, yea you might think thats stupid and total brand loyality and comment which is dumb because I'm young but thats ok, its NOT your body! :)

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