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Are you a Honda guy or a VW guy?

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Personally I love older VW's much better than the Honda's of their day. Like the Mk.I and Mk.II Golf's. I especially loved the Mk.II Golf GTi 16v. But nowadays the torch has been passed on as Honda's have evolved well, and VW's have gotten sloppy. They are now being driven around by fashion conscience(sp?) people, especially teenage to early 20's girls. But I also think that if the new Civic is a sign of things to come then Honda could be getting sloppy, too......

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I'm also a VW guy...I grew up in Golfs, so it's not really suprising :D But, I'm not one of those die-hard Honda-bashing VW fans. I realize that a lot of Honda's cars are better than VW's, and that's ok with me. I just prefer VW's style more ;)

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i`ve been a vw guy since i was like 14, when a firend of mine got a 69 bug from his dad, then at 15 i got my first car which was an 87 jetta, at the same time, one of my best friends got his first car which is a scirocco.

then i left vw`s, but my friend got a newer scirocco, and nowadays drives a corrado. some of my friends cars are.

1.- corrado g60

2.-69 bug

3.-91 jetta

4.-98 jetta 2.0

5.-94 golf 2.0

6.-87 jetta

7.-00 jetta 2.0

and none of my friends dive hondas

so i would say I am a vw guy all the way

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Rabbits can be quite cool. They are still popular road race cars (the '77s are favorites for being the lightest FI versions), and are still popular with sports sedan enthusiasts worldwide, especially in GTi form:










With a later 16V or 1.8T, they can be very rapid for very little money.

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