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Pagani Zonda C12 vs. Saleen S7


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it has same or better 0 - 60 mph time


it has faster top speed


it is same weight


it is FAST


it doesn't have a break-down Ford engine, it's got a V12 Benz


It has better performance, but doesn't sacrifice a/c, power windows, etc., but is the exact same weight still!

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Saleen comes with wind-tunnel tested, full ground effect aerodynamic(no, not just the "Ground Effect" skirt on normal road car, the full undertray of the S7 is one big wing), capable of generating the same downforce as the car's weight at 160mph. Racing brakes, suspension and a aluminum tube spaceframe chassis and a honey comb reinforcement. And the engine, although it uses a Ford built, 7 liter aluminum engine block, it was tuned and partly redesigned by Saleen. Comfort wise, full leather interior uses the same grade of leather as the Rolls and Bentley, aluminum trim on dash board and a detachable, race inspire steering wheel, along with navigation that serve as a rearview mirror when backing up. IMO, the car is better than Pagani in everyway.

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Originally posted by Zonda

it doesn't have a break-down Ford engine, it's got a V12 Benz


Ford big-blocks are damn reliable motors. You'll notice that that "break-down Ford engine" got the S7 a win in the GTS class at Sebring with no problems, even under heavy duress and only 3 months after it's introduction. That's something the Pagandi has yet to do.


Further, are you claiming that the Zonda is reliable? You've got to be fucking kidding me... as been said, it's a status symbol for those who can afford it... and the complete engine rebuild it will probably require around 30,000 miles, not to mention other regular, high cost repairs. No exotics are known for their reliability, and the Zonda is no exception. You simply don't bring reliability into the equation when you're talking about a car like the Zonda... yes, it's an interesting car, but reliable? No. More reliable than the Saleen? That remains to be determined.

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Originally posted by Zonda

all i said was it had a break-down Ford engine and everyone is now mad @ me. Now i see what ppl mean when they say ppl here are always jumping on each other....




Remeber where you're at guy... PRO-U.S.A forum... anything you say whether of factual/Non or common sense terms will be taken as the okay to hammer you. And to compare a ford block to a Benz block is ridiculous. And to compare, say, even the tuners; Saleen to AMG GmbH is outright uncomprehensible...


PushRods... "High-Tech" stuff... Certified. ;)

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