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Pagani Zonda C12 vs. Saleen S7


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Originally posted by xj220

The Pagani Zonda is nice.  I'd take the C12S over the C12 though.  Overall, I'd take an S7.  Although the S7, I think, is overstyled, it is still nice.  Could it be considered a Ford?


I don't think so. It uses a Ford engine, but that's about it. You wouldn't call a Panoz Esperante or a Qvale Mangusta a Ford, and they both share more than the engine with a Ford. And the McLaren F1's engine is a BMW, isn't it? You certainly wouldn't call the McLaren a BMW. That's my take on it at least.

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Originally posted by xj220

Ford will never produce a supercar.  That job is left to Aston Martin (Project Vanquish) and Jaguar (XJ 220).


Ok, the excuse of Ford not making a super car because it has Aston Martin and Jag isn’t really cutting it anymore. First off, if Ford did make one, I’m sure it would cost in the arena of Corvette. Not 100K+ like Aston Martin or a Jaguar. Of course, now there is the F-type slated for production. That could cause conflict, but that is about it. Only it because I don’t know how much or how Ford owns part of Mazda. Secondly, both Mazda and Jaguar are foreign car makers. I’m banking that if Ford made a supercar based on American taste it would sell better (as does the C5 to its competition.).


Anyhoo, I mainly see Ford not doing it because they don’t need a symbol. The Mustang is Symbol enough for them. Just make high priced high performance variations and make money. While GM looses money on every C5 that they sell . Chrysler has the Viper because, prior to that. Everyone looked at them as a Mini-van maker. They needed an image badly, so the Viper saved the day with help of a good truck. The Ram that we all know today.

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