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Hot Compacts...next gen...AWD, FWD, RWD?


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    • Toyota Matrix / Pontiac Vibe (both AWD)
    • Acura RSX (FWD)
    • Honda Civic (coupe or hb) (FWD)
    • Nissan Sentra (FWD)
    • Mazda Protege (FWD)
    • Lexus IS300 (RWD)
    • Mitsubishi Lancer (EVO 7) (AWD)
    • Subaru WRX (AWD)
    • Pontiac REV (AWD)[a TransAm replacement?]
    • Toyota RSC (AWD) a wilder 'celica' 2-dr Matrix?

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with the Toyota Matrix coming out...


the first 2 of these pics are somewhat large, but show the exterior... serious wheel/tire combo!




what would you pick amongst the new upcoming 'youth oriented/practical' new-gen compact cars out there?


for me, its the RSX overall, however, that Matrix looks tempting... wilder than the RSX even though it has 4-doors with a hatch!!!


(i have the WRX in the back of my mind for more power, and the bonus of AWD, but its looks are a bit pedestrian for me, and the fact that it is available here in Canada... a bit pricey tho C$35k)


note: that i'm focusing on Jap-related platforms and not intentionally leaving out either the Ford Focus, Chrysler Neons, Sunfires, etc. in this poll (those are all mostly older models except Focus)

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You basically, forgot quite a bit of hot compacts..


BMW has a 2 series soon I believe…

I’m sure Lexus will have competition to it with in time..

Mercedes has one on the way as well…

Volkswagens AWD Golf (Gti?)


The future compact market is getting larger as we speak.


Another thing that seems to be forgotten is price..


I don’t find it fair to compare a Civic with a IS300. (An Is300 whose option list can take it well into 30k, the range you’ll find New Zs and S2000s lurking in by the time the some of these cars arrive. )


Not only those but you compare the Evo 7 to a Civic? Something about that doesn’t make sense either. I know I’m being a critic to the fullest extent but wow, Civic vs. Evo?

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