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Supra RZ vs Supra GZ


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Hello all.


I am torn between these two Supra models, both have 3.0 Twin Turbo I6 engines but one of them

(the GZ) only comes in Auto, but has way more

options and features than the rest of the Supra range, plus it's the Aerotop version (the Twin Turbo Aerotops only come in Auto, GZ) , the RZ is a 6 Speed Manual Twin Turbo with more horsepower though, the GZ is from 1993-1996, the RZ is from 1993 and over, so the chance of buying a post 96 model is possible unlike with the GZ.


What do you guys think?

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I think auto vs. stick is always a debate. No matter the power you have, or whatever, it's about being under control of your car....knowing what gear you're in, and being able to go to any other gear you choose in an instant. Keeping it wound up if you want, and not having to tap the brake around the corner to downshift so the power will be there when you want it.


The only time I would ever take an automatic is if it was in something that was not anything near a performance car.


Get the RZ

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toyota knew people were going to modify the supra to crazy heights so they gave you options (how thoughtful) Well it depends on you. Are you going to be modding her? If you plan to do some heavy modifications. Get the RZ, the extra options and targa means your going to have more weight.


I’m not sure the power difference between the two models though. Yes people.. these are Japanese spec. BTW, I hear that Supras have more torque in Japanese specs.. but they have less power. Any truth to this?


BTW, I wouldn’t diss the Auto Supra.. There is a guy by the name of Guilly who put up some crazy numbers with an automatic supra. We used to drive a 96 auto supra and it isn’t the same as the manual.


They way I see it, if you have a turbo, you should have manual. (of course there are restrictions..)

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Well this is all true, but it is still very hard to choose, but I think I would go for the RZ, the 6 Speed Manual is the biggest advantage of the RZ plus the availability of models above '96, the extra options of the GZ could be bought aftermarket.


Does anybody know whether it is possible to convert the normal Supra roof into a targa like the Aerotop model, and around how much.

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sorry guys, but when it comes to making rediculously powerful cars, auto is the only way to go, manual is fine, but you will find that a built auto will shift harder, and faster than any manual or sequential can, and with an auto, you can also build boost at the starting/staging line. you cant do that with a manual unless you have one of those lame 2 step rev limiter launch kits.

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Well, I don't plan on modifying the car to the max, probably just a good sound system and a body kit maybe, it already has about 325hp (late '97 and over)


Auto sounds OK, the car I've got now is an Auto, but it is boring unless you do the shifting manually, by the way is that bad for the transmission?


That is why I am more interested in the RZ, it is more sporty in my point of view (6 Speed Hardtop), the aerotop does add a bit of weight.

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