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Boster S VS Euro spec BMW M roadster


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With the new M3 engine I'd probably go for the M Roadster. The only concern at this time would be that it will soon be replaced by the new model and that would of course affect residuals. I like the looks of the Boxster, but unfortunately it still has an image as "the Porsche for those who can't afford a real one" here, which is unfair in my opinion, especially for the S.

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I absolutely can't stand the styling of the Boxter. I don't know maybe I see too many of them or something. I see around 10 Boxters a day, seriously. The Boxter lacks grunt compared to to M roadster. It even shows in the styling. The M looks pretty aggressive. I also don't see them as much, vary rare sightings actually. Their also suppose to have far more torque. I remember reading the R&T article (battle of the brands) and Steve Millen was commenting on how much he loved M Roadster becuase it pulled out of corners so well.

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