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Audi A8L W12 vs Bentley Arnage Red Label vs Mercedes-Benz S55


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    • Audi A8L W12
    • Bentley Arnage Red Label
    • Mercedes-Benz S55

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I agree 100% with dylan. the mercades, although nice is not close to beating or "driving circles" around the bentley, next time lets look at the facts before making such claims :)

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Instead of the W12 I'd prefer an S8:) I think it would more appropriate in this comparo since you have the S55. The S8 runs 5.7sec to 0-60. Those numbers are factory claimed and usually underated. It also runs high 13's according to the company. It's one fast car, especially for it's size, and it has a 5 speed ,anual tranny (maybe it's 6 I'm not sure). I don't want to make bold statements but I'll make an assumption and say that this car might be able to run circles around both of these cars quite easily.:)


I remember Ferdinand saying that he was waiting for an S8 to come in January.....

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