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Audi A8L W12 vs Bentley Arnage Red Label vs Mercedes-Benz S55


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    • Audi A8L W12
    • Bentley Arnage Red Label
    • Mercedes-Benz S55

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I've decided to do the ultimate performance-luxury car comparison.


The first in the comparison is the new (engined) Audi A8L W12. With the new W12 engine that produces over 400hp, the car goes from standstill to 60mp/h in 5.8 seconds and hits it's maximum governed top speed in 38 seconds. Not bad for a car which you can comfortably cruise across Europe in. More information can be found at http://www.vwvortex.com/news/index_w12a8.html :cool:


Next we have the Bentley Arnage Red Label. It's 6.75-litre V8 produces over 400hp and 600lb-ft of torque with predictably spectacular performance. A classic British (well partially German) luxury barge that gets nervous glances from sports car owners. Find out more at http://www.bentleymotors.co.uk/bentley/cur...ent_arnage.html :)


And finally we have the Mercedes-Benz S55 which has all the luxury normally associated with an S-Class yet performance which rivals the E55 (Not entirely but 0-60mp/h in 6 seconds flat ain't to shabby). Some more info at http://www.mercedes-benz.com/e/cars/s-class/s55amg.htm :(


I myself would pick the Audi. It may be old in design but the W12 engine is a must and turns the car into quite an autobahn cruiser. But pick which one of these fast yet luxurious trio you would drive given the choice.

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I'd want the Bentley. Out of the three it's probably the worst car technologically and in design. It doesn't offer the advancements of the Audi, nor the performance of the Benz, but I just like it because I find it the most unique and beautiful. It does not cut down anywhere. Instead of cheap wood print, you have a true piece of thick solid wood for the dash. It screams luxury and old-world beauty.

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Originally posted by Dylan_Michael

Bentley, it beats both cars hands down and does it in almost every aspect...luxury, speed, overall performance. The other two are great, but when it comes to this class Bentley is king.


Believe me, the S55 will run circles around the Bentley. I agree that the Bentley has class the german cars will never match, but in the handling and speed department the Bentley clearly does not beat its competition hands down, no way that's going to happen....

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Originally posted by Dylan_Michael

Bentley, it beats both cars hands down and does it in almost every aspect.


You came with this statement, I refuse to believe it. I didn't say the S55 was faster, I say it outhandles the Bentley by a large margin. No fucking way the Bentley beats the Benz.....

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