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Hot Hatches... the next generation (early '90s...)


  1. 1.

    • 4th gen. Civic Si/2nd gen. CRX Si
    • Nissan Sentra SE-R/NX2000
    • 5th gen. Honda Civic Si/Del Sol Si
    • VW GTi 16V
    • 2nd gen. Toyota MR2
    • 2-litre N/A DSM (Talon/Eclipse (GS)/Laser)
    • Mazda MX-3 Precidia GS
    • Saturn SC2
    • Isuzu Impulse

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My choice? It should hardly come to anyone's surprise that I'm totally in love with my car, and hell, I did buy it over some of the other cars in this comparison, so there you go. But putting aside my total partiality here, I love 4th gen Civics/CRXs... maybe not as much as 3rd gens :), but then again too, that's not for the most objective of reasons! IMO, Honda made a mess of the Civic line after '92.


I also like the Precidias and the VWs... both are supposed to handle wickedly. The n/a 2L DSMs are supposed to be good as well, and they get ignored way too much next to the turbo/AWD versions of the cars. Hell... I like pretty much every car I put in the poll... if I weren't hopelessly in love with my car, I'd find it very hard to choose between all the cars in the comparison :)

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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what I picked. I love the GTi and I feel back then and even still today it is a great car. Absolutly outstanding handling, great power, that 16v motor really loves to rev. I believe it had more power than the CRX Si of the day and you know it definitely had more torque. Looks are no questions you either like them or not! I love them! :) Just check mine out if you want to see one, check the sig!

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Yes, of course it had more power, 130 horses and 129 lb ft. of torque, compared to the CRX Si's 108 horses and 100 lb ft. of torque. But let's not forget the CRX Si weighed about 2,150 pounds, and the GTi weighed 2,655 lbs. In a straight line, they are probably pretty well even, but on a track I would give the thumbs up to the CRX. I REALLY doubt the VW out-handles the Honda, I would imagine the CRX was the best handling FWD car untill the ITR came along.


Nothing against the VW, I like them, and I would love to have one.

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I would have chosen the MR2, but I don't really like the second gen...so, my vote goes to the 16V GTI. A bit too heavy, but still fun. And IMO the most beautiful of the bunch :)

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