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Lexus LS430 -Vs- Infiniti Q45

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The Lexus LS430 isn't quite the 7 Series. Just like the Q45 isn't quite the LS430. That’s how I see it.


Anyway, the LS430 is sheer perfection. I don't see how it could get any better unless it had better performance.


The list of technology gadgets that the Ls430 comes with is almost disgusting and maybe a bit overboard.

(Mirrors that tilt down when you place your car in reverse? I think I would be annoyed while trying to look at traffic behind me.)


And if the LS430 is perfection, then the 7 Series must be inhumane.

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Originally posted by mecca tt

Wow, I like the Q'45s insides.. but I don't think it's quite LS430.  Plus, I have a feeling this won't be the only LS430 engine offer.  I'm thinking there going to put a more powerful 8 inside now.


Lexus never had multiple engine lineup for the LS-series of car. LS-400 had that 4 liter V8 since the day of it's introduction. No engine option was ever offered.....

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Both cars are nice but they lack in the styling department IMO. The LS430 looks too much like a Avalon and S500 and the Q45 looks a lot like the Maxima. If it were up to me I'd go with the LS400. I think both , the Q45 and LS430 have a lot of useless crap in them. THe LS400 on the other hand looks very classy and doesn't have all that useless techno crap.

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