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Lexus LS430 -Vs- Infiniti Q45

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the new q45 is just weird looking man.. those headlights are kinda cool..and the interior looks rather awesome, but the styling of the car is soooo unbelievably boring..for that price theres no way id get that car over a merc or a bimmer..


im not big on the styling of the new lexus either, but that thing has the interior from heaven, the stock sound system from heaven, and features that almost rival that uber science fair, the s class.


in this comparo, lexus hands down..the mark levinson sound system alone makes it worth it.

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Q45, 340 Bhp, 4.5 liter V8.

LS 430, 300(somewhere around there...)bhp, 4.3 liter V8.


I am going with the Q here, looks cooler, unlike the Lexus who is IMO trying too much to be like Mercedes. Q is also sportier with the 5 speed manumatic thing, more power, 0-60 in 5.8 sec, and the ultra-cool headlight. Plus the interior is nicer too....

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