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Best and worst car names: Your opinion?

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-Since when is a car with like 130bhp or something and like 10,000$$$ a rocket? I just dont think the primary crowd buying Neons are performance oriented enthusiasts. They just evolved out of necessity and budget.


- what does XKR mean and all the Jaguar names XK8? XJR?

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The stupidest name on a car would have to be Accord. If it originated from English then it must've come from according. Accord what? Why is that name on a car, does it accord something? Then what? It's one of those confusing dumbass names that make you wana stay away from the car.

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Originally posted by I Burn Rice

I like the TVR names: Cerebra, Griffin, etc...  Cool sounding names on bad-*** cars.

actually i think is spelled cerbera and griffith...

i like the name neon fits the car...coz it sounds gay:D

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Pagani Zonda

Montecarlo GTB




Bugatti Veyron, Chiron

Bentley Hunaudieres





Porsche Carrera GT

Mclaren F1

Ferrari Testarossa

Detomaso Pantera, Mangusta

Italdesign Nazca


Caldi Curara

Jiotto Caspita

Maserati Barchetta


Saleen S7

Innotech Mysterro :D

Lamborghini Countach, Miura, Uracco, Silhouette, Jalpa

Lotus Elise

Pininfarina Mythos, Argento Vivo, Nautilus

Bertone Emotion

Lancia Stratos

Lotec Sirius

Chrysler Citadel, Chronos, Crossfire

Dodge Intrepid

Ford Expedition, Escape

Dodge Viper, Interceptor

Hennessey Superstratos Evoluzione

Zender Fact 4, escape 6

Sbarro Alcador, Helios, Osmos, Ionos, Issima, Isatis

Isatis BV6

Jimenez Novia

Venturi Atlantique



Plymouth Barracuda

Dodge Charger

Pontiac firebird, GTO


Trident Iceni




Notice that most of my fav cars seem to have good names :D

Exceptions are Koenigsegg, Koenig, TVR, Jensen, and a bunch of others.

By the way, Camaro in spanish means marine shrimp :)

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Jeeze, the primary thought of this thread shows serious ignorance on the part of product identification.


Untold millions of dollars are spent on researching these things, and often, names that could be used are owned by another company, who either won't sell, or are competitors.


Often, you don't WANT a name that actually means something, as it tends to have that meaning maligned or misconstrued (especially if it gets translated to another language, which is why we often have problems in the US with Japanese cars. SO you get Honda's naming scheme which was specifically designed to evoke words that meant character strengths. An economy car was doing it's civic duty. A family car kept the family in accord. The Prelude, being the first personal luxury car from Honda (no, it wasn't a sports car), was the prelude of the new direction soon to come. The Legend, while ambitiously named, lived up to that name by creating, singlehandedly, a whole new segment for Japanese cars around the world, and served as a wake up call to high end manufacturers that the Japanese car lines weren't just tinny econoboxes.


Often, especially on models that have been in production a long time, the reasons for the naming have vanished, or are no longer understood by the younger people who have no frame of reference. The LeMans, Grand Prix, and Bonneville are good examples, as they don't meant the cars themselves raced there, but that, in the early '60s those would be excellent cars to TAKE to those events as part of the lifestyle that included spectating at those races.


The Ford Probe was the production version of a series of probes into the boundaries of aerodynamic engineering. As in scientific probes. As in the mechanical devices used to explore various environments. Just because a bunch of lowbrow teenagers (or lowbrow wannabe teenagers) can only think of toilet humor does not make the name MEAN that, or even be a bad name.


Alpha-numeric designations were primarily used on cars that are meant to represent engineering principles. That's why so many German cars go this route. You have a body style range, and engine size range, and a body layout or use role designation. Very precise, very functional.


Trust me, coming up with a name for a product is damnably hard, and often the name you want simply can' t be used. So sometimes you go with one that looks good on an emblem. or you stick with an established theme that you've started with other products in your range.

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Originally posted by dr. Windstondung Fetus tt

Take it easy Chirs, these are peoples opinions.  Don't get so technical.


I have to get technical. If I wouldn't, these would end up not as opinions, but someone would think those as facts. Let it go, and pretty soon mistaken assumptions and opinions based on ignorance become "common knowledge."

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I dunno if it's mentioned yet, but VW calls its models after diffent winds....


Passat, Golf, Bora


not great names, but an original way.... (better than 320i or IS200.....)

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