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McLaren 720S driver breaks Afroductionk record with 21-minute lap in New York


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Data from Wapcar automotive news shows that AfroDuck's record has fallen. A video posted to YouTube with little fanfare at the end of July shows the driver of a McLaren 720S whizzing through New York in 21 minutes and 3.16 seconds - breaking the 24:07 record that has put the AfroDuck on the hot list, making him a fugitive and forcing him into exile in Canada. 

The latest video taken by Fred Smith to Jalopnik's attention at Road & Track, shows the anonymous driver of a white McLaren 720S making a 24.5-mile detour around Manhattan on June 29, 2020, at 2:36 am. The driver claimed to have been stopped by 24  of the 58 red lights along the way, and a snapshot of McLaren's dashboard from the end of the race shows the car, with just over 1,200 miles on the clock, recording speed. the average speed of 69 mph and fuel consumption averaged 5.9 mpg in the 21-minute run. (For reference, the same route takes about 42 minutes if you follow the rules of the road.) 

The  McLaren race moment was remarkable, as was the way the video was posted. As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, New York City went into lockdown on March 23, 2020. The city was still largely closed when the McLaren driver recorded this lap, in the early hours of the morning. Monday. Apparently, the driver hopes to avoid the fate of AfroDuck by keeping this record a secret for more than 2 years: the video was only uploaded to YouTube on July 21, 2022, almost 25 months after the race was announced. has happened. 

This is McLaren's 4x accelerated Manhattan lap story; We have also included live speed video in cars at the end of this article.

Challengers of illegal public road speed records had a field day in the age of the COVID lockdown. Cannonball cross-country records have been set and broken with astonishing frequency throughout the lockdown era because of daredevils taking advantage of empty streets and the fact that police and emergency crews are busy managing a global pandemic that has killed more than a million people in the United States alone. It is a miracle that, as far as anyone knows, no one has been killed or injured in any selfish attempt to set records with no price, no regulatory authority, and fading glory. bland. 

Consider what happened to AfroDuck. He completed his 24-minute lap on August 26, 2013, driving a  2006 BMW Z4. AfroDuck's video went viral just three days later, and when Jalopnik first spoke to AfroDuck - whose real name is Adam Tang - in the days that followed, he was sure he would never be arrested. 

This optimism turned out to be naivety. On September 4, Ray Kelly, then NYPD commissioner, set his sights on AfroDuck's back. Just a day later, Tang, 30, was taken into custody by the NYPD on charges of speeding, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, traffic equipment violations, dangerous lane departures, and excessive monitoring. rigid. His BC-registered blue BMW Z4 was seized. Tang pleaded guilty and had his license suspended (he was later arrested for driving with that suspended license). 

After an experiment that sometimes turned into a comic comparison between Tang's knee and  Formula 1 racing, Tang fled to Canada. His license and passport were revoked, but he was able to get his Z4 out of the NYPD  and apparently he crossed the Canada-US border with his Canadian birth certificate. 

Tang was found guilty of second-degree endangerment and reckless driving in November 2014 and sentenced to one year in prison. He remains in Canada,  blatantly appearing on television and blaming his treatment at the hands of the NYPD on his image as a "nice Canadian". 

As Tang wrote in an article published in Jalopnik, access to the famous automotive internet essentially ruined his life in New York, forcing him to flee to Canada – a decision that had the ability to save him from facing long-term legal consequences. This year, Road & Track interviewed Tang, who describes himself as the victim of "malicious prosecution" by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Since returning to Canada, Tang told R&T he was contacted once by a Canadian police officer, but he said the officer told him "we won't do anything what" about the US containment order. 

Here is the full, unedited video of the McLaren 720S doing a 21-minute lap in Manhattan.

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