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Take a look at the Kia Stonic with a smart GT-line


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Stonic made its debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, leaving people with a deep impression of its youthful and urban design. After being officially introduced in Taiwan in 2019, Stonic precisely targets its customers from the young (especially those who are single) to freelancers. Stonic aims at a practical car with a European-style fashion appearance and a micro-motion control system. And perhaps it can explain why the tags like Kia Stonic Philippines, Kia Stonic Malaysia, etc, can draw so many individuals’ attention.

Moreover, I learned the news that the latest model launched in 2022 introduces the smart petrol-electric GT-Line model for the first time. It enjoys a sporty look outside, a customized design inside, and is equipped with an electrical system that is both tax-friendly and fuel-efficient, which has made the competition in the Taiwan CUV market more fierce than before.

Let’s start with Stonic’s exterior design, which is the most charming part of the car, like a pearl on a crown. Stonic, led by KIA Europe's design center in Frankfurt, Germany, was awarded two international design awards, the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Product Design Award, shortly after its release. The exterior design of the Stonic 1.0T intelligent petrol-electric GT-Line further enhances its sporty atmosphere. The front end is designed with KIA's exclusive tiger-nose-style water shield, combined with the GT series' sporty exterior with three contrasting colored air vents below. 

The design, as well as the four-point, LED DRL and the Tiger-Eyeliner-style headlights, with their metallic-like geometric LED fog lights on the outside, step away from the stereotypical uniform face that the street is familiar with. Plus, it also features exclusive 2-tone matching. There are two types of test drives: Xiong Cang Gray body color with striking golden roof color and Xiong Cang Gray body color with beautiful red roof color, combined with the slim body shape of the hatchback body, with exclusive 17-inch Piano permission.

As for the interior, as soon as you sit in the car, you can strongly feel the inner frame is all hard plastic and has a "hands-on" direction, but personally, I like this design. t have to worry about "natural decay" after a few years. In addition to being non-stick to hands, easy cleaning and maintenance is the most competitive advantage. And because it's a GT-Line model, a sporty D-Cut steering wheel is used, with metal and carbon fiber trim panels and composite seats with Tiger Nose motifs, along with metal adjusters, brake pedals, etc.

On the exterior, it is obviously a charming design. Although the major tool is a traditional analog pointer, the onboard computer is a 4.2-inch color integrated form. The original  8-inch touchscreen multimedia audio and video system works seamlessly, and it also has wireless connectivity found only in millions of luxury cars. Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto functionality, so drivers don't have to struggle with a bunch of cables every time.

Another pity is that wireless charging comes at an extra cost. We strongly recommend installing a clean "wireless" space in the front seats. 

In terms of power, it is equipped with a new generation  "Smartstream" 3-cylinder in-line turbocharged gasoline engine. Although the power is still the same as the previous generation (120 hp / 6,000 rpm) with higher fuel efficiency and 48 V light diesel-electric system,  torque increased by 2.9 kgm compared to the previous generation, reaching 20.4. kgm. 

As soon as you begin to accelerate, you would experience an incredibly fast speed! In fact, the engine generates torque instantly, compensating for the empty period before the engine revs up until the turbo is activated, completely eliminating the common problem of engines. Low displacement turbochargers are difficult to start.

As the throttle gets deeper, however, tracking weakens, and it reverts to the performance of this tiny engine, but it's more than enough for town stopping and going, and even a bit like a car. Another advantage of the 48V diesel light electric system is that even if the idling engine stop function is activated, as long as the system's 0.44 kWh lithium battery still has power, the air conditioner will still have a red alarm light if it is in the hot summer in Taiwan.

We can say that it is super useful. Moreover, the vibration when activating the engine's idling stop function is also significantly reduced, which encourages people to activate this function and contributes to protecting the environment. 

In addition to the above basic functions of the 48V oil light system, the slightly modified Stonic system also includes a "Sail" mode of surfing. After releasing the throttle at 30~120km/h in ECO mode, the system automatically determines if the engine can be turned off to allow the car to run in pure electric mode, that's why gasoline smart Stonic 1.0T - electric GT-Line can reach a speed of 19.9 km/L One of the secrets of excellent average consumption. 

In the ADAS section that Taiwan buyers pay the most attention to, the SCC intelligent cruise control system, which meets SAE Level 2 standards, can be said to be the most detailed and reassuring during operation! Smooth and linear acceleration and deceleration, together with the advanced LFA  lane keeping assist system at top speed (0~200km/h), as long as you hold the steering wheel lightly, the car can be kept stable. centered in the right lane and with absolutely no drift or drift, you won't feel tired after a full day of test driving.

Along with FCA Front Active Brake Assist "including pedestrian, driver and vehicle detection", BCA Active Collision Avoidance Brake Assist for blind spots and Master Brake Assist RCCA collision avoidance for rear traffic and other assistance systems, it adds to Taiwan's narrow streets with many cars.

However, the SCC's operating speed range is 10~180km/h, and there's not much opportunity to use it in stopping and going in urban areas, so a little attention is needed. Other safety designs include a body structure that uses more than 51% advanced AHSS  high-strength steel and is equipped with six SRS auxiliary airbags, providing the vehicle with comprehensive safety protection equivalent to a big car. 

For "sweet blood" drivers, the feeling of European driving is also the unique charm of the Stonic 1.0T petrol-electric GT-Line smart line. Although it looks like a CUV, it feels very close to a hatchback! Not to mention, you can easily travel through the streets and alleys of the urban area. After hitting the mountain road, the chassis is solid and the roll resistance is good, combined with the solid feel and precise steering, you can really enjoy a small turn. In Sport mode, if you need to climb slopes or accelerate, the engine will also intervene in time to provide instant torque. Paired with the seven-speed manual and dual-clutch automatic, there's no problem with the occasional rush. 

Many friends are also looking for the ideal CUV in their minds. Although there are many choices from domestic to imported, or there is no ACC, or there are many cars, or taxes are not good, etc. At this point, I will recommend  KIA Stonic 1.0T Smart Hybrid GT-Line to them. Fuel consumption is amazingly nice, and the annual tax is only 8,640 yuan. No matter whether it is evaluated in terms of security, economy, or attractive appearance, they all deserve praise.

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