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Fur, Fin and Feather

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My 2 pesetas.
According to conventional standards your range is off and

neither would I fish that spoon with a conventional reel.

I’m a big fan of the lure. As for your stiff rod fishing with 17 pound line

and a 3 ounce lure that’s proof that your rod doesn’t produce any real

energy or we can put it as power.


I’m thinking the GSB-132 1M and a VS 250 with a 65 lb. brAdE. MY 2 centimos.

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Multiple users on the same device. The SD card read corrupt ****

Formatted with a single user problem fixed.

They don’t just show up right away.


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Last time I was here. I graduated the 7th grade at JHS 119.

It was during summer recess and I was with my pop.

I’m on my way!


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YouTube:Northeast bluefin tuna jigging

They’re definitely there. It’s a stones throw.

The temps are where they should be. Possibly 

next month, it could be yellowfin. The 2nd and

3rd week of July. It’s a different ball game. Don’t 

miss out. Go for it!

knot heads on the wire. They were hitting the tubes from the umbrella.

Many different locations at different depths. Drop to the first, second,

third mark. The wire crank is similar to deep dropping at the canyon.

Drift fishing all in one pass produced knot-heads, flatties and hump-backs.

One rig says it all. The H-N-I-C runs the show. More stripers and blues.
Most important physically you need to be prepared. Not for the faint at heart. Bigguns too!! 🙄

seA you soon.

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