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Global positioning technology was used for the first time on an electric car company from Vietnam


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Global positioning technology - what3words was introduced at CES in early January 2022, this is the first time what3words technology has been integrated on electric vehicles.
This technology is being used in e-commerce sites, easily and economically, surprisingly without a network connection.

At CES, the car company from Vietnam introduced 5 electric cars in all 5 segments. They are trying to penetrate the US market while stopping the production of gasoline-powered cars, even though it's a major source of income in Vietnam.

They also guarantee a warranty of 10 years or 124,000 miles. I haven't seen seen them accept orders for their VF 8 and VF 9 yet.

I would like a test drive to get a feeling for their cars and I want to hear some expert reviews to see if this is a car worth buying in the future.


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VinFast is making history right now with its new electric cars! It’s not easy for countries to enter the auto industry, but the Vietnamese did it! Now they're selling cars in America and Europe. Maybe you will be able to buy one of those self-driving cars when you are older and can drive yourself? We don’t know what the future will bring yet, but we should try to find out!

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The car uses a GPS driver navigation system, which prevents the driver getting lost. The system is tied directly to the car electric engine, meaning it switches off when the engine is not running. The electric car charges while it is parked, using the electricity from the solar panels on the roof of the car. The system is controlled via a smart phone application, meaning the driver can pause, start and stop the solar panels and electric engine, meaning the car won’t be wasted or left running when the driver is not in it. This will save the driver an incredible amount of money on electric bills and stop them from having to replace the car battery on an old car.

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