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  1. questions to ask every used car dealer

    Thanks for the advice. You're amazing. would take all your words. Thanks a lot for the big help. :)
  2. Buying a car can be an exciting and thrilling process, especially if it’s your first time to do so. So which one should choose? It all depends on your financial standing and personal situation. Consider the points below: Buy a new car if: You want your car in the best condition possible You want to have warranty You have to have the latest automotive technology You prefer better insurance options You’re looking for utmost safety Buy a second hand car if: You have a limited budget You don’t want to think about depreciation You want more affordable insurance rates You want a low cost-to-resale ratio You have very specific taste
  3. Look for coupons from autopart retailers. You may find websites that wiill help you find coupon codes or manufacturer rebates that may not pop up when you visit the auto parts store online.
  4. Well, it depends on what type of business you have.
  5. Try and Guess this Car!

    It's Mclaren F1
  6. I'm planning to get my first 2nd hand car soon. I'm seriously a noob when it comes to buying cars. I'm pretty sure those car dealers can smell my 'noobness' when i go car shopping. To those pple here who have bought 2nd hand cars a couple of times, pls list your top 5 must ask questions to the dealer. I think many of us new to buying cars can use such questions to our benefit when we go car shopping. So please shoot away.
  7. Emissions Testing USA - laws and requirements

    Hi. I just wanna ask about getting a license for bus drivers. Is it just the same process with a regular license? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. [Survey] What day of the week do you fill up gas?

    I used to fill gas on a Monday since this is the first day of the week for work. And according to some researches, this is the day the that the price is at its cheapest.
  9. License for Bus Drivers

    Hi. Is there anyone here who knows the kind of driver's license for bus drivers. Is it just the same with the ordinary car drivers? Please help. Thanks!
  10. New Member Introduction

    Hi, this is Neneth. I’m a new member of this forum. I wanted to learn more about this industry. It’s my pleasure to meet you all. NENETH GERONA The Bus Center 1400 McCain Parkway Pelham, AL 35124 (205) 663-2287