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  1. Hi guys, I am thinking of getting a Vauxhall Astra which has reach and rake. I understand the concept following research, the reach and rake allows you to adjust the steering up and down and in and out however I have an additional question which I could not find. With the in and out adjustment, does this pull at the angle in which the 'reach' adjustment is set to? So for example, if my steering wheel height is set to 45 degrees, if I pull the steering wheel out, will the steering wheel pull following the 45 degree angle also? To help decide this, I have pasted a simply drawn image of three different possibilities below. If I PULL, does the steering wheel column pull out straight, at the angle which the steering wheel column is or in a downwards angle. RED ARROW = Pulling motion ... BLUE = steering wheel and column Could you help me with this please? I hope this makes sense. Thanks, Dan