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  1. It really frustrates me, their XC90, their S80, V90 etc etc. All of them use either 2.0 gas or 2.0 diesel. Goodbye engine longevity. Do you also prefer that they use bigger displacement engines?
  2. Hyundai and Kia Build Quality 2018?

    Got any good experiences with its quality or reliability?
  3. I would like to see people criticize cars. Because most of the time I see magazines and videos praise the cars for their strong points. I would like to see frank and savage reviews of cars.
  4. Back in 2012 we had a Hyundai Santa Fe and was quite disappointed by its loosely bolted interior dashboard and door panels. Whenever I set my hand on the interior, I would hear the plasticky squeak and creak all the time, which irritates me due to the fact that they seem loosely attached. Now at 2018, whenever we go above bumps (even at slow speeds) I would hear more loose parts. I wonder if within 5 years, did Hyundai and Kia improve their build quality? Because we are planning to buy a new car and deciding whether or not to buy a Korean brand. Thank you!