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  1. Hey all! First time here on the forums, but I'm excited to see whats going on. So I'm gearing up to buy a new car, and I've been well into the hunt. I'm a broke college student, so I'm trying to find something under $10,000. I've been screwed over in the past when buying cars, so I'm really trying to avoid buying something that's going to destroy me financially 6 months later. I've been looking for something around 100,000 miles, and something from 2008 and newer. At the moment, I'm really hooked on the idea of a BMW 3 Series, I've been finding local ones just in the ballpark of what I'm looking for. I'd like something that's reliable, yet fun to drive. Anywho, any suggestions on what I should look into or tips on car hunting would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!