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  1. What’s wrong with my car?

    If you watch the video, my car makes a weird noise when it breaks. It’s a newish car. 2016 Chevrolet trax with 12,000 miles on it. The noise is really bad while driving around the city. It can be so loud that people outside with stare and sometimes ask me what’s wrong with my car it’s embarrassing. I’ve brought it to a couple mechanics and they say my brakes are fine. It makes me so mad. I’ve owned 4 cars and none of em made this noise or gave me any issues for a long time and if they did I’d get them fixed. It’s important to note the noise doesn’t always happen. It happens about half the time and the two times I brought it to mechanic I couldn’t get it to do it. Please if anyone here has an idea of how I can fix this. Thank you. 7A41DE85-D48D-43F8-BE10-B6EDCFDBD141.MOV