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  1. Hello everyone! I’m new here and I need some help. I’m sick of driving the same old cars that everyone else has, I need something to break up the monotony of my everyday normal life and I think a new car would do it. My list of vechlies is long and boring: ‘92 Grand AM (White), ‘96 Sunfire (White), ‘94 Dodge Shadow (White), 2000 V6 Grand Prix (you guessed it White), 2006 Altima (Maroon), 2006 Accord (Silver) and now a 2014 Escape (White). I’m currently driving the Accord and my Wife drives the Escape. Thank god she does because I hate that car with a passion. It’s seriously so slow and uncomfortable to drive but she loves it. We have 2 kids that we do lots of sports and activities with like Travel Baseball, Hockey, Gymnastics and Skiing. I mainly take my son to Hockey so keep that in mind when giving me ideas on vehicles to look at. Looking at the list of cars above you can see I never owned anything fast or real fun to drive. Now it’s time I find something that makes me happy and that a lot of people don’t own. My budget is about 20k for a used car and I would prefer to get something under 100k miles. I need to have back seats that are functional but I want something with some get up and go. As long as I can drive it everyday to work and drop my kids off for school I’m good. Frankly I don’t know what to look at so I’m open to ideas as long as it’s not a car you see everyday. No Accords, Nissans of any kind, Toyota’s or stuff like that. We live in Upsate NY so it must be drivable in the winter as well. I know this was a long post so if you are still with me thank you. All ideas are appreciated and welcome. Thank You, T_Loc11