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  1. Last night there was a huge thunderstorm. During a massive downpour where I could barely see out of my window, I ended up driving onto a flooded street, by the time I realized how deep the water was I was already halfway through it. It felt like my care was a little sluggish, but I don't know if that an issue with the actual engine performance or pushing through all that water. It never died and after getting to the other side performed like normal besides some wet brakes. I was only about two miles from home and was able to make it home without a problem. Today the car starts up fine and runs as normal, but I wanted to at least go get the oil changed. Afterwards, I went to change the air filter and noticed there is some standing water at the bottom of the air intake box where all the debris is usually sitting and my air filter was wet. I have no noticeable performance issues, no error codes, but am worried there may be permanent damage and would like any advice as to what to do next? Should I get the transmission fluid changed? It is a 98 Cavalier and I really need this car to last me another 2 or 3 years. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks