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  1. So I have had a problem with my fiances car. It's a 2010 mercury mariner with a 2.5L 4cyl motor. It is misfiring. So obviously I started with plugs. I pull my plugs and find one with fresh oil on the threaded part. Thinking maybe it leaked down from tube seals. I went ahead and replace all four plugs along with valve cover gasket and tube seals. Cleared codes and it's still misfiring. It idles decently in neutral and park but when I put it in gear it drops. I guess I'm curious whats next? I'm kinda scared to see if that oil was coming from below my plugs. I looked and pistons seem to be dirty. It came off when I rubbed screw driver on it. Maybe the oil on plug made my coil take a dump? Maybe it's more serious? Anyone have any ideas?