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  1. Hi guys, my car is a Perodua Kelisa 1.0L (terrible I know) xD. Anyway, the oil light was flashing on and off and the engine was running slightly rough at times when slowing down/turning a corner e.t.c; I checked the dipstick and the oil was just below the low (L) line, so I put in 800ml (0.71 quarts) of 10W-40 oil into the engine (I don't know what was in before as it was the first time I'd added oil). Now the engine light is on and the engine seems to be running rough on idle and occasionally drops in power; seems a little less powerful than before although not massively so. Fuel economy seems okay, about the same as before maybe slightly poorer (only driven it for 25 miles since I added lol). I checked the oil when I finished my journey and it was about half an inch above the full (F) line on the dipstick. Should I worry and what should I do now?