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  1. Wiper refill a wiper wiping element, which is made of rubber and steel. It is a very crucial part of wiper blade. When your wiper blades worn out, many people replace wiper blade but sometimes, you may just need to change a new wiper refill on condition that your blade is no bent or damaged. It will totally save your cost much. How to Choose a Good Wiper Refill Wiper refill is made of rubber and steel. That is to say a good wiper refill must have a good wiper rubber and quality steel. As to rubber, there are two main kinds of rubbers in market now, one is natural rubber another is silicon. Rubber wiper refills tend to produce more chattering sound when rubbing against the glass windshield. Silicone blades have strong resist friction ability to prolong the service time of the whole wiper blade also they glide smoothly on the windshield without that chattering sound. Of course, the silicon cost high. In terms of used time, Rubber is made of organic materials that decay or degrade through time. It is easily affected by weather factors like heat and humidity. Wipers need to be strong against all these, especially sunlight. During the day and on summer season, cars lay under the scorching heat of the sun. Long exposure to UV rays can cause the rubber to become brittle. Having that said, silicone wiper refills performs better than rubber types. Silicone’s chemical makeup is proven to be highly resistant to oxygen, ozone, and heat. They are expected to last longer. Consider these pros and cons of rubber and silicone wiper refills before heading to your local car parts store. Attentions When You Buy Wiper Refill If the blade on your vehicle is the Original Equipment unit or an Aftermarket replacement. If it is an Aftermarket product, you must also know the manufacturer and type of blade and claw dimensions. Do not forget to note the right measurements of the wiper blades that should fit your car. Steps for Replace Wiper Refill Step 1: Remove the worn-out blade from the car. Set the wipers away from the windshield. If there is a clips simply pinch them to remove the rubber. Step 2: Slide the new blades into the wiper arm. Avoid pressing or pushing the rubber hard so it won’t tear. Use the tip of the screwdriver to keep the clips open while you’re inserting the new blades. Once the new blade is settled in place, tighten the clips and make sure that they are holding the rubber firmly. Step 3: Repeat steps one and two to change the w iper blade on the second wiper arm. The wiper arm in the driver’s side is a bit longer so you have to be patient. Step 4: After inserting the wiper refills, turn the windshield wipers on to check if the rubbers are placed properly. Welcome to TOPPEX to find your own wiper refill.
  2. ℘ Method of use: On a rainy day, when the rain drops on the Windows, the line of sight in front of the car is quickly blocked, and vehicles, pedestrians and objects become blurred.At this point, start the wiper, the car in front will be clear. If driving a car in a rainy day, not using a wiper or a wiper and not working properly, it is very bad for driving safety. ①. Before heavy rain, should check whether the car wiper can work normally. ②. wiper blades movement may be fast, also hard to scrape the raindrops, causing the driver’s line of sight, in order to ensure safety, should be stopped immediately. Why the wiper is not clean: ☞ The windshield wiper is always not clean, the most important is that there is invisible dirt on the glass. First, the car park in the central air conditioning cool water tower under the spotlight, the cool water tower will tear the water after the particles on the glass to form a small white point, after dry, it is difficult to eliminate completely; The second is that the car stops under the tree, and the insect secretes mucus on the car glass. Three is the high speed of the long – distance crash of the insect corpse mucus. Because these things stick to the glass to water and wipe the cloth is difficult to completely remove (just can’t see), on the glass to form a bumpy surface.In this way, when the wiper is used, the glass is not clean.Soak the glass with water and touch it gently on the glass. If the glass is not smooth, there is a foreign body.Clearance when can try to wipe with warm water after a few times, and then rub gently with the hand, also can use newspaper, these are difficult to remove the dirt out bit by bit, the effect is good, after the water to touch the glass with the hand, very smooth.At this point, turn on the wiper. It’s very clean.The owner of this fine condition can try. The flat wiper blade and hybrid wiper blade must also be checked and maintained frequently Topex rremind the majority of riders: wipers are consumables, to ground inspection,
  3. How to choose wiper

    I think that These Wiper Blade You Must Take Home . In today's market , there are varying from wiper blade types . How to choose one which is best for your car ? And how to choose both quality and economic windshield wipers may be you considers . Topex wiper blade devoted to wiper blade career for over ten years , accumulate amount of delivering to home and abroad . Now , I am going to recommend some classic high quality types . Top 1 TOPEX MULTIFUNCTIONAL WIPER BALDE T-A99S multifunctional wiper blade has excellent spring steel design , which can fit for different windshield , lining stainless steel sleeve make scrape more stable and balance . In combination with a durable high performance rubber formula , which is heating , ultraviolet cold resisting can work well in different climate of the world , has excellent scrap result , and the life is 50% longer than common wipers . Otherwise the spoiler design with aerodynamic function , which can reduce the noise and wind movement when the car in high speed , make scrap more stable . TOP 2 TOPEX CLASSIC HIGH QUALITY WIPER BLADE The aerodynamic curve shapes to design to make the wiper blades bear equal pressure , lead the blade to contact the windshield more close , quick removal of water from windscreen and bring perfect performance . 2 . Latest high performance rubber formula-100% natural rubber , which is anti-heat , anti-ultraviolet , anti-cold , can work well in different climate of the world . 3 . It has excellent scrap efficiency , which makes it two more times lives than common one . 4 . Coated with special layer : anti-ultraviolet radiation , endure high and low temperature from 60 to 80C . 5 . The latest wind pressure design which can reduce the noise and wind movement and make scrap more stable when the car in high speed . 6 . Size available : 12 " -32 " (1 " =25mm ) 7 . Humanization designs lead to quick and easy installation . 8 . Fancy design and exquisite techniques to give you difference feeling and dignity . TOP 3 TOPEX REAR WIPER BLADE Rear wiper blades are often neglected and forgotten until they are needed and then it is too late . TOPEX REAR WIPER BLADE rights here for you whenever you want . Featured with smooth delivery , streak-free wiping performance gives you a clear back view . Precision-cut and natural rubber edge provides superior wiping action and longer life . Stainless steel frame provides strength and durability , which is also available in variety styles and sizes . Be carefully when installation , make sure you hear the audible " CLICK " when connecting to the arm .There are also flat wiper blades and hybrid wipers
  4. For most car owners, wipers use about six months or so, a good wiper blade about a year, there will be a variety of size problems. In order to protect the wipers wipe a good effect, we must always check the status of the wipers. If abnormal, promptly replace the new wiper. So, how to choose car wipers? Wipers buy tips 1.To consider the flexibility of the strip. Know your car is using what kind of wiper blades, you can refer to the car manual, see above the wiper model. If you do not understand, you can call the service consultant, but also can confirm the wiper blade and wiper arm connection. 2.Note that the way the strut is connected to the wiper arm is matched, because some of the arm is screwed to the arm, the need to pay more attention to the purchase. 3.Pull the wiper and touch it with your finger on the cleaned rubber wiper blades to check if there is any damage. If the elasticity of the rubber blade changes, that is, the blade is aged, hardened and cracked, then the wiper blade Unqualified. 4.During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions and check if the wiper maintains a constant speed at different speeds. Especially in intermittent working conditions, but also pay attention to whether the wiper blades to maintain a certain speed during exercise. 5.Check the wiping state, as well as wiper strut uneven swing or scraping phenomenon. If the following three conditions, indicating that this wiper blade failed. Wobbly swing, wipers do not bounce. Rubber contact surface and the glass surface can not be completely fit, resulting wipe residue. After wiping the glass surface presents a water film state, resulting in small streaks of glass, fog and linear residue. In order to avoid counterfeit products, in the choice of as much as possible contrast, as much as possible to buy brand manufacturers products, I believe topex is a very good choice, try our best to meet the needs of each customer and serve you wholeheartedly. No matter what type of wiper, be sure to use rain water. Wiper blade is to clean the rain on the front windshield. Never dry it dry As water increases frictional resistance, will cause damage to the rubber scraper and wiper motor!