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  1. Air intake kit for 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer

    K&n is the easiest and cheapest intake to install in you lancer. I have a 2015 lancer es with a k&n air intake. It sounds better and adds little hp 8hp on mine but sounds great...
  2. I just purchased a 2015 mitsubishi lancer es. FWD stock comes with 148 hp and i believe 158 torque.. i have it sitting at 200 hp i bought with chip in motor no dyno yet so i cant confirm. Im thinking about putting in 5-8K so i can get it up to around 300-350... Any advice any ideas tips.? I plan to install a turbo and new cat system.
  3. I went with a 2015 mitsubishi lancer. Gets a lot of attention reliable car with performance your looking for.