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  1. I have just recently started getting into cars, and am looking for the best places online for automotive news. What are the car news/analysis websites that you can't live without?
  2. 5 GTRs HUGE Shooting Flames!

    That's sick!
  3. Cheapest car rental service

  4. Nintendo Switch

    They are all over Ebay if you are still looking!
  5. I am Mauled and Harrassed by Demons Every Day

    I will pray for you!
  6. Good Afternoon! My name is Nick and I live in sunny Orlando, FL! I drive a 2000 Lexus ES that is in decent shape for being pretty old. Looking forward to swapping stories and information!
  7. Women are just as smart as men are. If the woman is an auto expert, who am I to distrust her?