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  1. Not sure where to begin. Suddenly sounded like fuel pump went out. I couldn't hear it, engine turned just didn't connect all the way. trying to locate access panel, in the meantime checking other possible issues. Fuses seem to all be fine, except now after two days of it working while not running, trunk release button won't pop the trunk. it's an electric deal n like I said, fuses seem good according to my step dad. Now something is drawing all the energy out within minutes of me jumping the battery. I'm at a standstill. I can tell you I have a system & its been reinstalled a few times n none are professional but I have had a professional look into n was told it's all good.. I just replaced battery. After that dashboard lights never worked again. A few yrs back I blew the horn fuse, replaced once n it blew within ten honks lol. It has an anti-theft system. My step dad thinks it's related to that somehow. I don't understand what's happening or what to check next.