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    Vehicle remaps using genuine hardware, software and Dynometer The maps give an increase in BHP, TORQUE, SMOOTHED OUT TORQUE CURVES and FUEL SAVINGS of upto 15/20 %. The maps can be tailored for either performance or fuel economy depending on what you would prefer. If you have any mods on your car then this is taken into account for the new map ,all we need is a list of what mods you have. A powerun on the original map and a powerun on the new map is included on the 2 wheel hub dyno and diagnostic checks before and after. If you post your car reg or details including year , engine size , spec then i will post back what gains you'll be looking at for that particular vehicle. Prices vary depending on your car / van / lorry. Were based in kimbolton , Cambridgeshire For more details please contact by email or mobile. Email: Remaps@rrrengineering.co.uk Phone: 07850549986