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  1. Rattling sound while accelerating

    Try looking at the catalytic converter, the filter on the inside maybe busted and loose, happened to my truck. To check it just get under it and have someone give the car a little gas then let it idle and if the sounds right there then I'd say you found the rattling noise.
  2. So my truck out of no where just started jerking and sputtering while I was driving, it'll lose all the acceleration then get a burst of it back, the jerking last for short periods of time but can sometimes be more tempormental, the truck does not stay running when stopped at a red light I have to keep one foot on the gas. I've taken it to the mechanic and they replaced the distributor, the ignition control module, the pcm and it helped then broke the next day so I replaced the spark plugs and wires that were only 20,000 miles old and then the truck ran good for about a week or so. Everything fuel related has been replaced in the last two years including the fuel pump. I'm just out of ideas and looking for a little help, I have a 1992 s10 blazer 4.3l. Thanks