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  1. I have done a good amount of research on both but I can't decide what to purchase. Both would be obviously used, and I can get the Elise for 20,000 and the Skyline for 10-15,000. I'm looking for a fun fast car that looks cool but can also daily drive. The lotus isn'5 quite as good for daily driving in my situation but I think it would be a fun car to own, I'm just skeptical because I've heard it drives like nothing else and I've never driven a midengine. I am willing to sacrifice comfortability and room for a fun car but I don't think I sacrifice as much with the skyline but I hear insurance is a bitch plus rhd cars are supposedly often annoying to drive in the US. Also, if anyone happens to know how good the sound system is on either I'd love to know. I like my tunes. I won't be driving the thing too much, it'll take me to school and back; the only long distance being when I go to and from college next year. I won't be making the purchase until 2018 but it took me a long time to get this money and I'm not even there yet, I just like to be well prepared. Any and all advice is welcome.