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  1. Getting stuck in a traffic snarl-up is always exasperating. You wish if only you could have driven over the cars. Hum Rider is here to turn your wish into reality. Being hailed as a remedy for your traffic woes, Verizon's Hum Rider has hydraulic lifts in the wheels . To know how this Hum Rider works, watch video. Source News: KhaleejTimes
  2. Toyota ends six-year shareholding with Tesla Motors. Toyota revealed it had sold its entire stake in Tesla, as the two car makers abandoned plans to jointly develop electric cars. Japan’s biggest car maker bought a 3% stake in Tesla Motors for $50 million (£39m) in May 2010. It is believed to have made around 10 times that - £373m - by selling its remaining shares late last year. Source news: CarMagazine
  3. Can You Identifiy This Car?

    I think this can be 2007 Ford Mondeo (third generation). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Mondeo_(third_generation)
  4. Hello @Pimplaf! I think this can be 1993 – 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS Sedan. You can cross check at Wikipedia for confirmation. Whether I am right or wrong. Here is Wikipedia Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Skyline#GT-R_4
  5. Car Key Repairs?

    If you use your key fob to open and close car locks and not much happens, check to make sure its battery isn’t dead or dying. Just like your car, your key has a tiny battery that must be replaced from time to time. Second option, go to a dealer and they will be able to hook up to the computer that controls your keyless entry and make sure the key fob is still programmed. If the key fob isn’t sending a signal, it will need to be replaced.
  6. Could electric cars be cheaper than gasoline cars? If yes, then why?
  7. I'm not sure that non-Japanese brands are getting better, or if it instead means that Japanese cars hold up longer. But one thing is for certain: experiences typically show that Japanese cars tend to be more reliable than American or European models.
  8. Hyundai sonata help!

    @Leo Parker you are right. In any problem everyone should have to looked for mechanic. Mechanic is the best option rather than you became mechanic himself.
  9. As we all know that electric cars and self-driving vehicles are the future of transport. But they could be here sooner than we think. Petrol cars, trucks and buses will be driven off the roads within eight years, says a new study by Stanford University. That's because electric vehicles will be cheaper to operate and improvements in technology will ensure they run longer - for 400 kilometres on a single battery charge. According to Stanford University, car dealerships and petrol stations are expected to disappear by 2024.
  10. Wont start

    Hello @Leocordero, don't waste your important time for looking some tips. Just call your nearest mechanic for reasonable solution. This problem can be due to steering stiffing or can be due to engine. So the better option for you is to locate car doctor. thank you
  11. 5 old cars you didn't know existed

    Thanks @Grizzly for sharing this interesting video with us. Seriously I have never ever seen these kind of cars. All cars look beautiful and stunning but I liked LADA NIVA and 1937 BUGATTI TYPE 57 ATLANTIC most among these 5 cars.
  12. c 250 or Golf gti or some BMW?

    I would like to suggest you VW Golf GTI. If you want mind comfort and luxurious drive, then golf gti will be the right option. Don't look at price or other things, just go ahead and choose the right gti.