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  1. I am so bummed. I have been shopping for a car for months and I just can't find the right combination. What I want is a hatchback, with a manual transmission that doesn't require you be 130lb to fit inside. I'm not a huge guy, but no way can I drive a VW GTI for example. This whole bolstered seat thing has got me seeing red. Oh, and I want something that has at least 1/2 decent acceleration. A Honda Civic Hatch might work, but you just can't find any. People are so desperate for the Type R that they are buying up all the Civic manual hatchbacks as well. So I'm asking for suggestions. If I give up the manual tranny, what is there out there? Or have I missed something? So far in a manual I've driven a VW GTI, Honda Civic Hatch, Ford Focus ST, Mazda 3 Hatch, Hyundai Elantra GT (though not the 2018 one) Kia Forte 5, VW Golf Wagon. And the Audi A3 and the Kia Soul auto trans. Something I can actually take a corner at reasonable speed, has good acceleration, and that I can put 4' flourescent tubes in the back. Not asking for much I know :). But I really would like suggestions. Thanks so much guys. Donald
  2. I've been interested in buying a 'hot hatch' (i.e. manual transmission 5 door) for some time. However, I'm finding that the seating for the ones I've driven, GTI and Focus ST have 'racing seats'. Those are fine if you're 5' 9" and weigh 140, but I'm a little bigger. Not huge, I can easily sit in a 17" airline seat, but a little bigger. That's why this is so frustrating. I've never had this problem with car seats before and I've driven lots of cars over the years. But I guess with the 'hot hatch' segment, they want to give it that cockpit feel. So this is my question. Is there a car in the 'hot hatch' segment where the seats are a little more normal? I've considered an older Mazdaspeed 3 or the new Elantra GT, but I don't know if they'd be any better. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Donald