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  1. Hey Guys, First time poster here and first time auto buyer at 28 years old. Always wanted an Audi and I finally have a budget set on a 2009 Audi A4 Quattro for roughly 6.5k with 133k miles. The history of the car is as follows: The timing chain slipped and caused the pistons to damage the engine. The pistons, rings, head gasket, and I believe some valves were replaced at a Audi dealership. The seller has a complete car history and can show me receipts. My father, a car enthusiast (loves small Japanese cars) is encouraging me to walk away from the deal and buy a small Japanese Acura/Honda because theyre more reliable and cost less to repair in case of damage. My argument is that if the engine has already been rebuilt than that's less worries for me. I would love to get some good unbiased feedback as to if you think buying this or any car with engine work is a good idea. If the chain slipped once, does this mean its more likely to happen again? What sort of other questions should I ask the seller to prove the work was done? Thanks, Steven