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  1. Ugliest cars?

    Let us call it not the ugliest but not a good choice cars for some reasons like a Toyota 86 sports coupe. Just like most reviews said. "It feels unduly cramped inside and with too rough of a ride and with too little cargo space". If comfort is your priority, you should not be looking for this type of car.
  2. We have a car business. I need to get the best practices that can help us to achieve many benefits like improving our products, making our operations more efficient and increasing our sales. So far I was able to see some requirements in same business. But, we need more, to be able to get a GMP ( good manufacturing practices) certificate . But, I'm not sure if I'm getting the correct lists. Any other advice for that matter?
  3. What's Better: Mustang Or Camaro?

    Depends on the year model. But for me, it will always be Mustang. Just the classic Mustang.
  4. Buy & Sell of 2nd Hand Cars

    Thank you for the reply. I have actually inquired with the bank where we have our corporate account just to minimize the documentation requirements. It sure does require us to submit less documents but the interest rates is just above of what I had in mind. Or perhaps, I relied too much on the information given to me by a friend who got commercial real estate loans from a local credit union. Anyway, I think I have not other choice for now. I am thinking of inquiring with a credit union but I am not a member yet so I am not even sure if I qualify to even consider this option.
  5. What's Better: Mustang Or Camaro?

    I'll go for Camaro!
  6. Arcadia vs Escape

    Just wanted to get your thoughts between GMC Arcadia and Ford Escape. So what do you prefer?
  7. Buy & Sell of 2nd Hand Cars

    We're expanding our business late this year by engaging into buy and sell of 2nd hand cars. We're also starting to look for a bigger commercial area so we can start constructing our budget and get ready with all other things we'll be needing for the business. We also wanted to get some recommendations from some business owners here as to where they usually get financial assistance. Do you usually rely on banks? Or can you suggest any other financing firms that are more flexible in terms of payment schemes and interest rates. Thank you so much.
  8. Best place to learn racing basics?

    I read about a fun inexpensive place to do some racing is at Grand Prix New York.
  9. What's Better: Mustang Or Camaro?

    Chevrolet Camaro will be my first choice, especially for its classy look!
  10. Need help about a car business

    We are into a car business industry. We have some problems lately. It's all about our operations and auto supplies. With that incident, I guess, this is a common mistake in quality management. I believe that we need to meet a certain standard in handling those things. Likewise, to ensure a quality management system. What solution can help us gain control and automation process? Your idea please?
  11. I do not have any cars like Ferrari or lamborghini. I can't afford to purchase any of those luxury rides but a Ferrari like is one of my dream car.
  12. Turn any Car into a Smart Car

    I've read it somewhere here in the internet about turning an ordinary car into a smart car. Does it mean a less expensive but a more efficient one? It is a superb and a huge opportunity to all car owners.
  13. Well, I'm excited and curious if the flying cars are indeed secure. I hope to see and experience to ride in one of them in the future.
  14. What type of car is suitable to us?

    We have a catering business and we need it for delivering chairs, tables, food, etc. I looked into credit unions and this one has good loan rates. I'll be contacting them soon for some details.
  15. Diesel vs Petrol

    I knew Diesel as more fuel efficient than Petrol, especially when you used it for out of town or on long journey. However, it is more expensive . Sorry, I don't know about Diesel and its better acceleration because of its torque.