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  1. Toyota Corolla 2016

    The noise can be quite annoying. Check for any particular route after driving on which you get that sound back. Sometimes the route also plays a big part especially if it is a rough one. Get it checked from the dealership from where you got the car. In case you are not able to get hold of the dealership contact a company designated mechanic in your area for your car.
  2. What's Your Best Car Cleaning Tip?

    I think this article is helpful for you.
  3. Yes you are right these are very important tools of our car and also these are important items of our car. Cell Phone Charger Flashlight Multipurpose utility tool Water bottles Window breaker Maps

    Regular maintenance is very useful for us because it not only saves you money but also extends your vehicle's life and performance for many years. One of the most important things about safe driving is directly related to the condition of the car. If your car in good shape it means you can drive safely but if your car is not in a very good condition and your tires are not properly inflated then it can be a cause for accidents. That is why proper maintenance is very important since it protects you and also protects other drivers on the road.
  5. What are the best cars who have a long life ?

    Actually, it depends on your need. However, in my view you can purchase Toyota Corolla because it is the bestselling car of all times and you just need to spend $5,800 to maintain it over 10 years.
  6. 2000 chevy impala antifreeze leak

    A car leaking antifreeze can develop serious problems. If you suspect your vehicle has a coolant leak you should need to open the hood and visually inspect the engine and cooling system for any signs of liquid leaking from the engine and radiator. You need to address the problem real quick before it gets out of hand.
  7. Car not going in to 1st and 2nd gear properly!

    I think it is the transmission fluid or the clutch wire that is causing the problem. If transmission fluid is getting low you may notice your transmission action is getting funny and overheated. This may hint towards your gears being damaged. In case you should also notice that your transmission is having a difficult time getting into other gears, out of gear, or makes any number of odd noise and its deadly cold outside you should need to probably let your vehicle warm up. If warming up does not help probably a good mechanic will come handy.
  8. Engine Flush

    I think it is a bad idea to drive your truck 2 miles without any oil in the engine. Doing so will break down parts of your engine which may make the engine irreparable. And even if you do not break any part within the engine the wear and tear along the way will cause a big problem to the truck in the long run. The best thing to do is either call a mechanic and repair your engine or drive another vehicle perhaps borrowed from someone else get the mechanic with his tools that will be employed by he mechanic to pull out the knob that has been stuck fill the oil and move on.
  9. oil capacity - 1981 Toyota Corolla

    *If you are putting more amount of oil than the recommended amount it is surely not going to be a good deal for your engine. It can damage the car by creating a leaking engine. The additional pressure on the rear main beating seal causes the leaking engine.
  10. If the bend is there by the manufacturer then it will not affect the back pressure in any way. However if you or one of the mechanics is using their innovations then yes it may effect it.
  11. Need App to Check My Car

    Its better to have professional apps that are provided by car companies for specific models that are generally not released in the open market. These apps are generally found in bodyshops probably a friend of yours working in a body shop or a car dealrship will be able to help you with it.
  12. replacing only oil filter without oil

    Replacing oil filter has many benefits. It helps to extend the life of the car engine. Changing filters will help to keep the nasty little particles out of the engine, and protect your engine’s vital components from any harm.
  13. What kind of car is this?

    I have no information because I have not see the car picture. If you want to know background information then you need to mention the car name or the picture.