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  1. Euro Car are Wayyyyy to expensive

    Because...euro car has a high quality and more efficient than other manufacturer...that the reason:)))
  2. First Car

    The best first car is (i think of course ) VW Polo...
  3. My new motor!

    Hey...What do you think about Ford focus RS or ST? Amazing... Unbelievable... of course engine..
  4. Car Headlight Adjustment

    Because right headlight not so powerful than left headlight. The reason for oncoming car don't affect. It ll be accident. (My opinion:)
  5. Hummers

    What about the fuel consumption for Hummer? Everything okay, i loving Hummer....so well safety? Can you inform to me please?
  6. Buying a new GPS navigetion

    I agree with you Jodiemht, if you want a too useful and high quality, you must buy to offical manufacturer.
  7. You are right,but these posibilities will be future...maybe..
  8. Euro Car are Wayyyyy to expensive

    Because; -Safety -Comfortable -Low fuel consumption,high performance -High Quality....that is the Reason