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  1. name of cars

    ChrisV is the man for on this one.
  2. Do you guys actually get JDM cars? Our Toyotas are built her, but the rest come from Japan, now that Mitsi and Nissan pulled out. When i was in the US, the "European and Jap" cars seemed to lack features found here and in their countries of origin. Even the Mercedes I played with seemed to have lost some finesse.
  3. 2010 mustang

    Hard to fathom people actually get drawn in by drivel.
  4. Chevy Volt explodes

    I don't understand why another hundred or more million has to be spent on it by our local guys to make it safe and green for Australian sales?
  5. Be interesting to see if these will be the current VE model or the VF model due for release next year. Apparently the VF will still be on the Zeta platform, which ain't a bad thing and will have alloy body panels.
  6. Honda civic 2010 - car scrapes

    Private/Elite School Sticker over the top of the mess?
  7. challenge u to figure tuis out.

    or limp mode, because the O2 sensor is stuffed. Do a top to tail check on the sensors, plugs, etc. Buy a $15 OBDI/II car scanner like an ELM 327 and have a look at what codes the computer has come up with, look up Google an voila, you're an expert. Hate to tell you, but a 2000 model car ain't ever gonna be a dream car. Moving parts and friction will never let a car mend itself, expensive intervention is the norm.
  8. Car Won't Start... Died While Driving

    Yeah more likely something on the spark side.
  9. Holden Viva 2007

    Yeah well the viva is really from Holden's Korean arm, a Daewoo Lacetti. It's the early Cruze and the Nubira in Europe Bad leads. plugs et al can throw a code on any modern engine, but it's a bit hard to apply that to a P0700 transmission code. See this link for what it might really be: http://lacetti.com.ua/manual/EN/documents/Nubira-Lacetti/sm-j/5J2_1F20.en.html
  10. I think a second opinion would be a better course of action. If it is just an intake gasket, the cost should be minimal. Buying a $750 engine then paying to have it fitted is a lot to bear for a young bloke already paying off the car loan. If you must use the car to get to another mechanic, change your engine oil, oil filter and don't use coolant. If you can, find a confident bloke in his thirties to front the mechanic for a diagnosis and fix cost..
  11. An idea for crank-shaftless car engine

    Sounds like a steam locomotive
  12. Some news!

    Well done Clifford and now you know the plumbing works. I'm not sure about the engagement thing though...isn't marriage the domain of same sex couples? Best wishes to the missus and my only advices are "we" are not having a baby, "she" is, although she will let you think it's a shared thing, until "she" is on the delivery table and "you" are the biggest self indulgent ahole of all time....move forward three months and "we" comes back into favour for midnight feeds.LOL And please don't feel compelled to name the little tiger Wally, it is a BBS nic. Something like Tristan should see him right in the brave new world of gender confusion.
  13. Senior Design Project

    I would like to point out that unless your Engineering Design and Development class has some brand awareness cudos of it's own, chances are your automated sun shield may end up being a solution looking for a profitable problem. Market surveys after the engineering dept has it gyrogearloose hands on a product requires a money pit to find a favourable audience.
  14. Are We Back Up?

    I thought you had gone bush Steve.. Thanks for the concern Cliffy. I've been travelling a fair bit to avoid the demons. I just got back from West Oz and a week before that I arrived home from Vietnam. As you and Chris know, I was in the southern states of USA before that and pre that I was all over Europe like a rash. Lets hope this year of the dragon will bring some prosperity and joy to us all...