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  2. What happens if I don’t get auto insurance?

    It is essential that you have insurance for your cotxe, everyone is obliged as such. The function of compulsory insurance is to cover personal and material damage and to cover the cost of repairs in a claim between two or more vehicles. Circulation without compulsory insurance not only affects the person responsible, but also poses a major problem for society and, in particular, for those who have a traffic accident. I hope I was able to help you with your question.
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  5. 용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마용산휴게텔☠오피쓰『OPSS』『7』『닷컴』இ용산유흥 용산오피➷용산풀싸롱☚용산키스방இ용산건마
  6. Okay so i just got my driving license a few months ago and my dad gave me his 13' Mazda 3. He had taken care of it so well and i have a feeling im ruining it. It is an automatic with manual shiftability. Sometimes when im passing people i like to put the car on manual and floor it just so it wont downshift.. i stay around 3000 to 4000 rpms on 4th gear. I know im consuming the same amount of fuel, or even more, than just flooring it on drive but i thought it puts lesser stress on the tranny and axles (i blew both my axle boots btw). I recently came across this forum that said about engine lugging and i wasnt too sure. Also i drive at around 4500 to 5000 rpm on freeways for staright 2 to 3 minutes at like 160 to 180 kmph..i dont know if its really that bad for my engine So i just wanted to confirm with people who know cars better than me. Any sort of support is appreciated. Thanks
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  8. Offered for sale, the nicest base 996 Carrera 4 on the market. Initial sticker in 2001 of $99,045. That’s $140,000 in adjusted dollars. VIN WP0CA29931S653290. Exterior is classic Guards Red, fully optioned is Natural Brown Leather from the visors and A pillar on down, very unusual for a base Carrera to have FULL leather interior. This car is very heavily optioned with Comfort Package, Advance Technic Package, Stainless Steel Exhaust, 3 Spoke Steering Wheel in leather, Porsche Crest on Headrest, Seatbelts in Guards Red, Contrast Stitching, and very expensive, period appropriate Turbo I Hollow Twist racing wheels. Convertible top recently replaced, top quality with glass window and working rear defrost. Major service recently completed on car including IMS bearing replacement with IMS Solution. Also replaced oil air separator, crank shaft seal, plugs, coils, oil line, expansion tank, CV boots, engine mount, transmission mount, water pump, thermostat. Common to these cars, the airbox for the climate control failed and was replaced with a factory new airbox, extremely expensive. Stereo completely refreshed. Head unit replaced with modern 2din Kenwood, nav, Bluetooth, Pandora, etc. Amp replaced with new Kenwood. All speakers replaced. Added Kicker subwoofer. New rear tires, car also comes with extra set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 80% tread remaining, and one set of matte black aftermarket rims. Indoor/outdoor car cover. Genuine Porsche wind deflector. Manual. Two keys. Freshly serviced inc’l recent oil change, 75% remaining on brake pads, brand new battery, this car is ready to go. Over $35,000 recently invested. Offered at $21,996 firm.
  9. What car would you buy if you had unlimited money?

    I think if my money was unlimited, I’d probably change cars every month, as I’d like to see what heaps of different cars are like to drive. I like the 7 series too, but I’d want others, a few for me include Porsche Cayman, 911, 918. Mercedes AMG GTR, C63, as well as the E and S class AMG versions. BMW M5, X5m, etc. Audi RS6, other RS models also. Old school stuff like 60s Camaros, 40s Fords and hot rods etc. But yeah, I could go on listing cars all day, short story I’d go through a lot of cars I think, I wouldn’t be able to stick to just one.
  10. Bigger wheels ? 14’ Ford Focus

    Hi mate, Generally speaking, increasing by an inch won’t do much. There are a couple of things to watch out for though, like: 1. Make sure they don’t scrub on anything when turned full lock either way, or at the back on anything. 2. Make sure the overall rolling diameter of the tyre and wheel together is the same, or as close to original, as possible, as it can put the speedo out sometimes. Hope that helps you out a little.
  11. When you tried to jump start it, how long did you have the other car connected for? Was the other car running? I’ve had it before where the battery in the car that won’t start is that flat that I’ve had to leave the running car connected for up to 40 mins before the flat car will crank over.
  12. 2007 Nissan Altima

    Make sure there’s enough oil in the transmission to start with, the most common cause I see if this is that the level is low. If it’s low, adjust the level so it’s correct, then see how it shifts. After that, check underneath or have someone check, to see it it’s leaking transmission fluid, to make sure it doesn’t get low again.
  13. Car won't creep sometimes.

    Definitely get your brakes fixed as a top priority, regardless of whether it fixes the issue you’re having with the transmission or not, if that hose lets go completely, you’ll end up with no brake pedal. I would get that fixed ASAP, and then see what the car drives like.
  14. Rust repair

    You could more than likely repair this yourself, the only thing would be depending on how deep it actually goes, 9/10 times you’ll start pulling something apart and find it’s worse than you first thought. It may be more worth your time saving to go and get three or four quotes to see what you’d be charged for having someone repair it for you, this will make it easier to decide whether to tackle it yourself or not.
  15. Car won't creep sometimes.

    I have a 2006 Pontiac G6. 162,000 miles. Car runs & shifts perfectly. My only problem is that when I first start the car, and I put it in drive or reverse, it doesn't creep forward or reverse unless I apply gas. I thought it was the transmission fluid so I drove to the gas station to get some, but when I arrived there I noticed that it was creeping forward and in reverse with no problems whatsoever. But after applying more atf I realized that it still does it, but its mostly in reverse. It usually always creeps forward it's just the reverse part that's annoying me. Like when I back out of a parking space I have to apply gas. But when I drive it for a while, it creeps with no problem. Also, my mechanic told me that my front right brake hose needed replaced. So when I apply my brakes my tires shakes and feels like it's about to fall of and it's struggling to stop. It's even worse on the highway. Also I there was this smell almost like rubber that I was smelling earlier. I'm wondering if my brake hose is causing my brakes to stick. Also I did some research online so I tried to put the car in nuetral and push it but it wouldn't move. So I think my brake hose is causing all of these symptoms but I'm not sure. Like I said the ATF levels are good, and it runs & shifts perfectly the only problem is with it not creeping forward or backwards when you first start it up. Eventually it starts to creep in reverse and drive, but once you restart it it's back to how it was before.
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  17. Car Fantasy

    I swear my jaw just about dropped finding this lineup All credits to the lovely people that let me look around when I was there
  18. Hello, I bought a new 2018 Subaru crosstrek last week and started noticing a slight jolt when accelerating/ decelerating at 20, 40 and 60 mph. I brought the car to my salesperson and she said she didn't feel anything wrong when driving the car. I previously drove a jeep, so my salesperson told me I probably just need to adjust to driving a weaker engine. The next day, I started experiencing delays in shifting to drive from reverse, and would get a strong jolt . I read some forum posts and waited for the rpms to decrease before pulling the car out in the morning. The car starts at 2k and I reverse when it decreases to 1k, but I still get the kick while shifting- its not as strong as when I back out immediately after turning the car on, but its still there. This wasn't happening when I had the car for the first day or two. Is this a normal Subaru thing or should I be concerned? Thank you for your time and input - first time car buyer here.
  19. Hi. My passenger seat cushion is loose. Missing a screw underneath from left side. Just need to know size to fit.
  20. Good day to everyone! I have a specific question that i cannot seem to find the answer to. I'm looking at a mazda 323 with a 2 liter diesel engine ( i'm not sure if it was 323d or TD ) with a model year of 2000. Has anyone had an experience with this car when it comes to running it on vegetable oil ? I've read about this topic in general and i know that old diesel engines. And in general what should i be looking for if i want to get a car that will run on vegie oil ?
  21. Had a drunk friend rip down my overhead mirror. Looks easy enough to fix. He pulled the mirror down and the screw popped through the retaining clip. Now the retaining clip is in its little housing on the windshield I need to get the clip out and to put the screw in from the back but I dont know how to open the housing.
  22. Hey guys, Have you ever being of your own boss? Well, i am going to tell you that you can get a car dealer license and then build your own profitable Used car business by selling or buying used cars. Just look around next time you are on the road. You are literally surrounded by cars – of every imaginable type, condition, color and year. Each one of those autos has one thing in common – someone had to buy it. And that means someone had to be selling it as well. Each day “new” used cars enter the market – just looking for an owner. The market for quality per-owned vehicles is booming – and there has never been a better time to take advantage of this ongoing trend. So if you really want then you can find all the benefits, facts and figures associated with this business So if you are truly motivated and determined to make Car Dealerships a career, I urge you to check it out once.
  23. However, this year's Le Mans endurance race has been stolen by the launch of a new car, as the world's veteran luxury car brand is Le Mans Endurance every year, the auto manufacturer must be to the German brand BMW on the eve of the start of the world's first BMW The new generation of 8 Series models, the launch of a new generation of eight series also made the French Le Mans town once again famous, according to BMW's market planning, the new 8 Series cars will be sold in the global market in November this year, when the top luxury The car market will have one more powerful competitor, which is even more critical for Mercedes-Benz.
  24. Was looking for 5zigen rims, and couldn't find ones that fit my car anywhere, until i went on this website and they literally had almost every rim type from 5zigen at fair prices. I'm a little suspicious, so here I am. Has anyone purchased from this website? Is it legit?
  25. Hi all, I have a RWD BMW 228i with 240 hp, 255 lb ft torque, and Bridgestone Potenza S001 run-flat tires. Here where I live, we are frequented by large thunderstorms which makes the road great for sliding my car. I am wondering how much damage I will do to my tire if I slide my car around wet roads. My definition of sliding is donuts that last around 10 seconds, and drifts at stop signs which get my car sideways for a couple seconds. I always do my slides in first gear, so I am not burning rubber or anything, but my tires do screech pretty loud. This might seem like a really dumb question and I might get roasted, but I'm just a high schooler being a high schooler. P.S. I do this in an undeveloped section of my neighborhood. There is a network of roads that have been left there for a few years now, and construction hasn't started so there aren't any nails or other sharp objects I should worry about.
  26. Rust repair

    I own a 1997 Buick Park Avenue, and I noticed this rust along the bottoms of the doors. It is on both sides, and it appears to go underneath the door lining. Could I repair this myself, or should I consult professional help. If so, how much will it cost?
  27. hello my car has a matte paint look. is it possible to make it into a glossy look at home or will i need to take it to a professional.
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