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  2. zozu

    kia air bag sensor overide

    your thinking is right it is the main problem i personally see some time stolen design manufacture make higher quality product
  3. zozu

    best electric car

    i want to buy a electric car can any one tell which brand of car is the best
  4. Have a peek the way they lack depth, and also at shadows. There's not any deep black indirect soft shadows beneath cars, in corners of structures, in grass, some pieces of characters clothings doesn't cast shadows that are indirect, therefore image looks rather flat. Obviously this problem is not too noticable at night , but during daylight using powerful direct lighting from sun it visible. Maybe ambient occlusion quality is exactly the same between the two matches, but due to differences in colour grading and due to the fact that The Division 1 in most cases has cloudy or dark light scenarions, this issues is not so The Division 2 Boosting pronounced. Incidentally, the first game was downgraded primarily in neighboring occlusion and international illumination quality (one of the very significant factor for perfomance ), therefore this is why it doesnt looks so impressing as on the famous announcement video. And the second match, as I can see, took a step farther and downgraded indirect light quality even more, and I could see why - they raised the quantity and density of foliage (which is obviously not a inexpensive thing to draw scene), also terrain sophistication obviously improved (now you do not have an asphalt streets and sidewalks covered in snow - there is a whole lot more distinct and complex surfaces, which they create looks much better thanks to parralax occlusion mapping ) so in order to maintain the identical system requirements they made light a bit simplier. And most of us know that lighting quality is probably the most importatnt thing for image renders looks photoreal as they have time while matches must find solutions that are fast and inexpensive. Simple light - picture.Ubisoft is currently hoping you are going to select The Division 2, and it is planning to launch its open beta for players on all platforms beginning March 1 to help convince you. This will give everybody a taste of this online cooperative shooter's gameplay and apocalyptic Washington, D.C. setting. The open beta operates March 1 through March 4. Ubisoft hasn't shared any more information, but the writer is likely to provide more advice soon. This test that is open will expand on the beta that finished for gamers that preordered the game. It's the story of Americans fighting to return to dictate after a deadly virus. This replaces the snowy NYC.
  5. Rskingdom

    about the market in Blade & Soul

    So I started playing this game awhile back when it lauched in february and I have to mention that left me with a big dispointment markers as soon as I reach a degree I keep getting quited from the loading screens when progressing to another map or area I have tryed everything I and literally can t resolve it I quited I sent a ticket to the service and they didn t resolve my issue and even appeared to not care at all play at the eu server, and so I got so mad with the game even my friend actually purchased a founder pack went longer in the game such as 20 more amounts and his game add this difficulty to wich they simply gived my buddy the refund and goodbye man this things are sad after wath dragon nest eu did marketed the business to other firm departing players without anything only level maximum account that you can t do nothing becouse level maximum items are so expensive its complety futile, im having struggles finding a good MMORPG for computer since now I purchased skyrim and borderlands two to entertain me. But if somebody has any solution for my Buy BNS Revolution gold crashes someone inform me.Whenever there are telegraphs they arrive in the kind of red and yellow zones that appear under the feet that inform you when one of their strikes are about to come off of the boss. You will need to prevent red zones such as the plague since they're pretty much unblockable.One of the first things you'll notice about the market in Blade & Soul is that virtually all you sell is worth 1 measly bronze coin... at a location where vendors sell dumplings for about 5 silver coins, or 500 bronze coins. That said, keep your money close and don't invest them unless you absolutely have to. I recommend spending money either in the marketplace (shortcut key'F5') or the loot auctions which pop up throughout a dungeon like the Blackram Narrows (more on this particular dungeon later). Near the endgame, the sum of money it takes to upgrade your weapon, soul protect, and accessories becomes high, which means you'll want to save your coins for it too. Who doesn't like products? At every two levels or so (it becomes more spaced out after Level 18), you may gain access to polls out of Blade & Soul at which you answer a couple of multiple-choice questions and complete a comment. Completing these gets you all sorts of healing items, keys for opening chests, and unsealing charms to get equipment drops. Don't miss out on the Daily Dash, a simple game of chance that resembles Candyland. You get two Blade and Soul Revolution gold spins which have you move anywhere from 1-6 distances around the board Each day. About once every three or four steps, you may select up free items that get progressively rarer as you move together. Reach the finish, and you'll be given a unique item (in the opening month, that's a trendy outfit). Hope you don't spin 1s.
  6. Yourlocalricer95

    Questions about engine swap

    I have a 2007 mazda 6 i sport, not the mazda speed this one is front wheel drive, but anyways im interested in swapping the 4 cylinder out for a v6 which these cars hace a v6 option, how hard would it be do i have to change the harness and computer? Thanks
  7. Nate4x4

    Do you use Waze? (POLL)

    Welcome to the forum
  8. The appellation posted. That is a cogent omission, and it is something that will about-face into buy stubs mlb the show 19 a cool bit of The Show's audience. In addition, it keeps the cord abaft added sports video bold franchises like NBA 2K, and Anger that activity the concept.In The Show's defense, NBA 2K19's MyLeague Online fought with calm this year. Maybe Sony adapted to anticipate its yield on the abstraction from experiencing agnate problems. The Show hasn't offered a Create-A-Ballpark aspect admitting every added sports cine bold authorization affection something similar, and its own admirers allurement it year over year. The abridgement of the access has not been validated, but you would feel that if a affection this abounding was coming, we would accept at atomic apparent a aggravate for it by now.On Thursday, Sony San Diego Studios did what it consistently does; It amazes admirers of its complete aboriginal Twitch breeze absorption on gameplay with added realism, MLB The Show 19-centric updates, and superior which has hardcore admirers counting the canicule until its release. It is March 26, by the way. I maintain, the Show still wants some layers in commendations to customization and authorization mode, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afflicted with the gameplay updates which were arise during the stream. Actuality are my best takeaways.There were just two flows on Thursday. The development aggregation seems to accept devised a adjustment congenital to altogether abuse players that accomplishment the bold by amphitheatre guys from position.For years--especially in Design Dynasty--gamers accept accumulated lineups with abundant hitters aback the abuse for amphitheatre somebody from position was not annealed enough. If the adjustment apparent on Thursday functions as it seems and looks, the canicule of alive with that accomplishment are finished. They'll blow or bollix added grounders and the candied atom on the bandy attention beat will be MLB 19 the show stubs smaller. This is the case. This may aswell appulse poor defenders that are amphitheatre their primary position.It will not arise on every play, but this is accepting added into the bold to put an accent on abundant defense, and I adulation it.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I was reading this one blog site, and found out the true cost of a 35K Standard Range Tesla Model 3 with no other options other than FSD comes out to be like 50K. Thats pretty crazy expensive IMO. Here is where i saw it... https://www.socialbookmarking-online.com/the-real-cost-of-a-35k-tesla-with-full-self-driving/ I think its right?
  11. Do you guys and girls know cars that have stock ambient lighting? I am looking for a car and I would love to have one with ambient lighting.
  12. Underestimated gusty side winds:
  13. Bransen

    Infused Foods

    As far as I know cannabis is used in different kinds of food. There are even special candies and jelly with the use of –°BD oils, for example, you can check this site. I have read that cannabis has many useful features and is actively used not only as a drug or in medicine but also in cooking for example.
  14. goosemasterkl

    Honda Accord oil sending unit

    I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX 3.0 V-6 and I have a major oil leak around the oil filter. Does anyone know where the oil sending is on this car? I had a friend put it on his car rack and he said it looks like it is leaking from the oil filter bracket that bolts to the engine. Is there a gasket there where it fastens to the block? I just was wondering also where the oil sending unit was. I didn't want it to be that and not know. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  15. AnnaLewis

    Aston Martin DB11, what do you guys think?

    I like the car so much, as i can't buy it for budget related issues, i preferred to go for hire from K2 Prestige Car Hire for my marriage. But one thing i must say, the car is really very impressive and a real monster.
  16. I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX 3.0 V-6 and I have a major oil leak around the oil filter. Does anyone know where the oil sending is on this car? I had a friend put it on his car rack and he said it looks like it is leaking from the oil filter bracket that bolts to the engine. Is there a gasket there where it fastens to the block? I just was wondering also where the oil sending unit was. I didn't want it to be that and not know. Thanks to anyone who replies.
  17. Last week
  18. I bought an 04 Camry in May of 2018 and it's been running fine since. When I bought the car, the check engine light was on and my OBD scanner showed errors for the cat. converter and intermediate shaft speed sensor. I replaced some of the oxygen sensors and now only the speed sensor error remains. But anyway, I started the car two or three days ago and let it idle for maybe an hour. When I turned it off i could still hear some faint sounds coming from under the hood, so i raised it and there was smoke or steam or something coming up, not quite from the engine but more toward the front area near the radiator. I also noticed a pool of liquid creeping out from under the car. And I can only assume the sound and smoke were from the liquid dripping onto something hot before hitting the ground. I soaked a bit of the liquid up with a paper towel this morning because there is still a pool of it there. It's got the consistency of water, and doesnt really have a scent. It's not flammable either. Could it just be water? How can I fix this leak? Note also that I'd had the A/C on for the first time in months. This was the first hot day since last year.
  19. Howdy people, I need help trying to figure out what transmissions could potentially fit into my car but I am swapping the engine so I thought about reaching out to find if certain trannies won't fit. I was going to do a k series swap out of a Honda but I don't know if it will fit, any advice? btw its a 2013 chevy Cruze
  20. Zaid Azam

    Need a Used Car

    Alex, I am also 17 years old I am using Honda civic 2019 modal now I would like you to suggest something before you take any decision make sure you check DSRleasing this website is amazing and have thousands of different cars
  21. Anuj

    Need a Used Car

    There are a lot of good quality classified websites to buy used cars. Based on my experience, I would suggest buying a used car on Motoruncle website in India for many good reasons like you get a variety of brands with options like color/price range/City wise/Fuel type etc. Just go through the motoruncle and you can find them all with the On-road price.
  22. Erwin Magalang

    2011 Hyundai accent. Will not start.

    The possible reason why your check engine light is activated would be a damaged gas cap, your oxygen sensor needs to be replaced or your vehicle needs new spark plugs or plug wires. Situation like this should not be prolonged as this will potentially damage your car as well as it could risk your safety. The best solution for this is to get your engine checked to your trusted car shop for possible repair. Hope this helps!
  23. I have a 2014 nissan versa that was broken into a couple weeks ago and ever since my alarm has been acting up. whenever I put the alarm on it does not lock all the doors, just the driver side door are locked. I have to manually lock the other doors. I've taken it to the dealer but they want to charge a $130 just to look at it and tell me what the problem it. Can anyone help me?
  24. 75 Thunderbird

    1975 T-Bird Rims

    For years, I've stored the original rims for my 1975 Thunderbird which has been long gone. I am now ready to sell the rims.
  25. I have a 2011 Hyundai accent, and sometimes when it gets wet or its raining out it gets a little cranky and likes to lose power and we had lots of rain 2 days ago, so yesterday I was driving and the car started losing power in some areas like the front/rear wipers, and the lights dimmed, I did notice the battery light was on but not check engine light. The car still drove perfectly fine other than that. There was no putting or grasping for air or anything. Now when I got home and turned the car off, i immediately tried to turn it back on and nothing, so I left it I went out later that night and started it and it started fine, but now I had a check engine light, and a battery light. I let the car run for a few minutes, and then shut it off, tried to turn it on again and nothing. So today comes around I thought I would give it a try, and not a single thing. I have the battery charging now. I don't know the codes on the check engine light I am just hopeful someone may know. I really only have two ideas that's either the battery or the alternator. Any advice would be perfect. Thanks.
  26. Lilrawkus

    New Ferrari SUV??

    No sure what I feel about Ferrari making SUVs.
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