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  2. Check out the audio switch links to purchase online: http://bit.ly/30HjnT1 http://bit.ly/2VXtUL4 http://bit.ly/2WrQb30 https://amzn.to/30zLNOK K2 Prestige Supercar Hire is one of the best car rental firms in London with the best price ranges.
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  4. This week, we had a chance to test-drive 2020 Genesis G90 5.0 V8 with HTRAC. Compared to 3.3T version, this V8 makes lovely and louder noise. With smooth shifting 8 speed automatic and HTRAC it feels quite sporty. Sound by 2019 Genesis G90 -5.0 V8 - 425hp (6,000rpm) / 383 lb.ft of torque (53.0kg.m) (5,000rpm) -204.9x75.4x58.9x124.4 -0-60 accel: 5.9 sec. -06-0 braking: 115.1 ft. Competition: Mercedes Benz S-class, BMW7Series, Audi A8 https://youtu.be/zLydW0agtmo
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  6. I would recommend selling it yourself but usually they give fair trade in value for the vehicle so you can always try trading it in because that will save you a lot of time and headache. I am actually a General Manager at a Used Car Dealership and the car is priced really good to the Market Place but there aren't many people who still drive Manual Vehicles so they might be able to drop the price. Our Website Link https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com/
  7. Out of all the vehicles you have listed I would Recommend Getting either a Toyota Rav4 Or a Highlander just because they do have all wheel drive and they would be the best vehicle out there to actually make it to 200k without getting repaired every other week. The Nissan Rogue is a good option but Nissans in some cases have many transmission issues. Plus used Toyotas are not too expensive and they hold their value. I am actually a General Manager at a Used Car Dealership and we have sold a couple in the past few month under 25000, But Unfortunately we don't have any in stock. Link To Our Website https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com/
  8. Top Marques Monaco is the equivalent of an all you can eat orgies, this episode is full of sexy supercars and yes a bit of police eviction takes place in broad day light. I also attempt to speak French. https://youtu.be/El6zRV7KZDw
  9. I have a Toyota auris 2009. When the car is only started (cold) she is very hard to get into gear (especially reverse). I give it two trys then she will go into gear. When the car is up to normal operating temperature the car is easier to get into gear but there is still a delay when the gear clicks into place (4th gear is the best, clicks into gear the quickest). The gear box is a 6 speed box. I ensure that the clutch is fully down when changing gear.. there is no grinding when I change gear.. also I see no history of gearbox oil change (she has service history). I got the car a month ago and I think it is getting worse.. what are your thoughts?? Would a gearbox oil change sort this issue or would there be more to it as I have heard that these cars do have bad gearboxs?? Thanks..
  10. The Safest Motorcycle Jeans is a high-end Men' & women's jeans, ideal for Bike Riding. With a fitted cut and very neat finishes, this stretch Kevlar jeans will mark your pretty silhouette and your femininity. This Fully Lined Kevlar Jeans offers a very feminine slim fit, and has adjustable protectors, CE approved at the knees. It is very resistant to traction and tearing.
  11. I wish with the help of party rentals i can arrange such kind of wedding venues also.
  12. I'm looking to replace my 2001 Saturn SL2. I like to buy cars from American companies but I'm really getting tired of fixing them. I'm about to go with Toyota or Honda. I tend to drive my cars 200K plus miles but I spend way too much time and money fixing American cars. Is there anything out there holding up from the big 3? I see all sort of horror storied from Cruze, Focus, Dart owners, etc. owners. Thanks, all! Kevin
  13. Bentley has launched the world's fastest SU sports car in the public production category. The Bentayga Speed boasts an enhanced version of the famous 6.0-liter W12 engine, which generates 635 horsepower and achieves a maximum speed of 306 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 Km / h in 3.9 seconds. Bentayga Speed has been engineered and handcrafted in Britain to top the Bentayga brand in strength and performance so far and is an extension of the long history of the Speed models that began with the Continental GT in 2007. The Bentayga Speed has a sleek, stylish exterior, and the dark front lights, car-colored rear side panels and rear spoiler demonstrate the high performance potential of this versatile SUV. A host of other elements add to the sporting design features, Dark front and 22-inch large wheels with a unique design available in three finishes as well as distinctive Speed badges. read the full topic
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  15. You have asked for 2020 Kia Telluride Review. We asked and knocked many doors, and luckily we had chance to test drive one. Let’s see if this twin brother of Hyundai Palisade is worthy of best midsize SUV. Let’s hear it from Genesis owner. 2020 Kia Telluride SX AWD Review -3.8L Gasoline: 291hp@6,000 | 262lb.ft@5,200 -8 Speed Automatic -196.9x78.3x69.3x114.2(inch) Competition: Hyundai Palisade, Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer https://youtu.be/1NIX9Uo_s60
  16. Hello friends. I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado. Every time I drive over bumps, potholes, etc, my ABS engages and the light comes on. And then the light will stay on, without the ABS engaging. Is this a sensor issue?
  17. In celebration of one of the most impressive achievements in the history of motor racing, Aston Martin announced the launch of a limited version of the model DBS Superlagera 'DBS 59, including 24 cars were built the first at the company's global headquarters in Gaidon. DBS 59 was created by Q BY Aston Martin, a unique customization division, which enables the design of cars according to the personal requirements of luxury brand customers to create premium sports cars by collaborating with the design team of the company. The project was commissioned by Aston Martin Cambridge, where it celebrates the 24-hour Le Mans 24-hour race in which Aston Martin won first and second. Each one of the limited edition cars represented one hour of the Aston Martin race, with Roy Salvadore and Carole Shelby finishing the finish line on the other Aston Martin, which was led by Maurice Trentignant and Paul Freire. The DBS 59 celebrates the DBR-1 car, which has won the race and the unique design touches that have been specially engineered by the Q-Bay Aston Martin team to demonstrate their professionalism and record a new achievement in their track record. After careful consideration of the DPR-1, the Aston Martin Racing green color was adopted for the DBS 59. The glossy finish of the carbon fiber on the roof panels gives a strikingly colored contrast to the bright green of the chassis. Finish the full topic Related Topics : Opel Grand Land X Converted to 296 HP
  18. https://www.carologyllc.com/
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  20. So a back story on the video link I included. I just bought a brand new 2019 Kia Forte with the CVT in it. Few days off the lot and I started to notice a weird behaviour while under cruise control. In 'Normal' or 'Smart' driving mode, when enabling Cruise Control the transmission would downshift and maintain an RPM rate of between 900-1200 RPM higher than it should be. If I pop the trans over into the 'sportmatic' mode and manually shift the transmission the vehicle maintains speed just fine at the lower RPM. As soon as I pop the vehicle over into 'Normal' or 'Smart' it goes right back up to that 3000RPM range and sits there. The dealership is working on it with me and have their regional Kia tech looking at it so I am not overly worried as yet but it sounds like Kia isnt even aware of this. Has anyone else seen this happen? Have a Kia Forte and can replicate it? Its murder on my fuel mileage. If anyone has thoughts that would be amazing! https://photos.app.goo.gl/qWU2UrGq14dqv4578
  21. We will examine in this news what was referenced in the most recent press reports about the cost of the following standard Corvette C8 2020, the eighth era and altogether new from the American games vehicle Chevrolet Corvette. With the Chevrolet Corvette C8 2020 formally uncovered and covered up under certain refinements at the Michelin NCM Bash occasion before the finish of last April, when the new and new Corvette C8 was divulged, we will convey you today GT News reports. Read full topic
  22. Extensive Exhaust Leak can cause harm if not repaired properly. If there's an extensive rusting of your exhaust system, you need to replace all or parts of it. If there are only a small leak, it can be resolved using exhaust tape or epoxy. However, to ensure that it will be fixed without any problem you can visit your trusted car shop to have it properly diagnose and repair. Hope this helps!Extensive Exhaust Leak can cause harm if not repaired properly. If there's an extensive rusting of your exhaust system, you need to replace all or parts of it. If there are only a small leak, it can be resolved using exhaust tape or epoxy. However, to ensure that it will be fixed without any problem you can visit your trusted car shop to have it properly diagnose and repair. Hope this helps!
  23. Will a t-5 transmission from a 94-95 5.0 mustang work with a 2001 3.8l mustang? Thank you
  24. Cars - Toyota Supra or as known in Europe as GR Subra arrived to the old continent and presented in Japan, America and the Middle East, the company revealed more pictures of the sport car that returned to life again and all the details of the European version of it. The vehicle imparts its parts to the BMW Z4, with the two models being created at the Graz manufacturing plant in Austria, yet Vosopra is very not quite the same as its German sister and subsequently has a totally autonomous character, giving incredible ride solace and great driving. The vehicle accompanies a 3-liter 3-liter 3-liter V6 motor, a 500-nm torque and a 8-speed ZF programmed transmission, the main choice for the European market that did not get the 2-liter 4-barrel turbocharger. Read full topic
  25. Hello, looking for a quick answer :) Did anyone tried ordering sd card road map from Navi Arena web shop (I'm not sure if I can post a link here so I'll do it like this - naviarenaDOTcom)? I have a coupon code for 10% discount so hopefully I will use it on time.
  26. If someone could please explain to me what I need to do in layman's terms and what I need to get, I’d be ever grateful.
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