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    Happy New Year

    Celebrated the New Year by doing some off-roading and spending time with the family...your turn...
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    DUI Calculator

    Check out this innovative, interactive BAC Calculator before the next time you get behind the wheel! https://communitylawfirm.com/bac-calculator
  5. Jeep Brand Director Provides Update on Production and Deliveries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeep brand director, Scott Tallon, told the media at the Detroit Auto Show that the Gladiator is on schedule to hit showrooms by the end of June. This is slightly later than most JGF users have been expecting, but we now have a more up-to-date estimate of when to expect the Gladiator on dealer lots, and soon after, on- and off-road!
  6. Nate4x4

    Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident

    Yes sir, thanks for the post! Another useful thing that would increase your chances of surviving an accident would be to take an established defensive driving course.
  7. NickCa

    Tips to Avoid an Auto Accident

    The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from an accident is to use dedicated caution every time you get behind the wheel. While some situations are unavoidable, like being hit from behind by a driver who was speeding or not paying attention, here are some simple steps you can take to ensure you’re making every effort to arrive at your destination safely... https://communitylawfirm.com/dangers-florida-auto-accidents
  8. Alldata10.53 crack+Mitchell Ondemand 5 Alldata 10.53 Full Set Q3 2013 Automotive Repair Data +Mitchell Ondemand 5.8.2 10/2013 Version is available in autonumen.com. ALLDATA 10.53 auto repair software, the leading computer-based diagnostic, repair and estimating information system, can help you boost shop performance and build customer loyalty as you efficiently repair more makes and reduce comebacks. Software version: alldata 10.53 crack version & OnDemand5 v5.8.2.35 Software capacity: 750GB Operating system: all the software runs on Windows xp. Win7 and Win8. But some software only works on (32-bit system. It can not run on 64-bit system. Please work better on the 32-bit system. ALLDATA Function: Professional repair shops need current, factory-correct information to meet the complex repair demands of today’s automotive industry. ALLDATA 10.53 shops have fast access to the industry’s best information for vehicles from 1982 to present including TSBs, maintenance schedules, manufacturer recall information, OE solutions, and factory images and diagrams. The most comprehensive information for 1982 to present vehicles. OEM images, diagrams and diagnostic flow charts Parts and labor information Maintenance schedules Manufacturer TSBs and Recalls Integrated estimating software OEM wiring diagrams with connector, ground, power distribution and splice information A2Z Component Search – the fastest route available to component information Whether you measure productivity by the number of vehicles repaired in a day, the variety of vehicles you’re able to work on, or the time spent on diagnosis and repair, using the right information and shop management tools is vital to the success of your business. ALLDATA can help you succeed in every way. Automotive repair shops that use the ALLDATA system have a clear differentiation from other repair facilities. ALLDATA-equipped shops can provide their customers with the most accurate repair estimates and proof of diagnostic and repair procedures. ALLDATA also includes factory-correct maintenance schedules that itemize additionally needed services. Moreover,ALLDATAhelps shops build consumer confidence and loyalty.
  9. How to Change John Deere Speed Limit with PLD File Editor John Deere PayLoad (PLD) File Editor – this is Developer level tool, that allows you to change factory parameters in the PLD files using John Deere Service Advisor. With John Deere PLD File Encryptor/Decryptor you can: -Decrypt PayLoad (PLD) file to txt/ini format -Modify PLD file expiration -Modify PLD factory options such as speed limit (for example change 40 km/h to 50 km/h) -Adjust PLD file to different product serial -Encrypt PLD file -Program controller with modified PLD using Service Advisor -Support Windows XP Example: How to change speed limit with pld files? Q1: Question about payload files: I have pld files of my tractor (6330P) 11 in total. I see in bottom of each files info about my tractor (option, serial number etc) Question: My goal is up the speed limit from 40km to 50 km. I think I have to change OPTION=3 to OPTION=5, but do I have to edit each 11 pld file? A1: You were right about the speed limit: you can change OPTION=3 to OPTION=4 or any other you need. Speed_30kmh = 1; Speed_35kmh = 2; Speed_40kmh = 3; Speed_50kmh = 4; Speed_ECO = 5; Speed_NoiseRed_OOS = 6; For R models the line is different. ROADSPEEDLIMIT=3 change to ROADSPEEDLIMIT=5 or any other you need. var RoadSpeedLimit_30 = “1”; var RoadSpeedLimit_35 = “2”; var RoadSpeedLimit_3840 = “3”; var RoadSpeedLimit_40E = “4”; var RoadSpeedLimit_50 = “5”; var RoadSpeedLimit_50E = “6”; var RoadSpeedLimit_55 = “7”; var RoadSpeedLimit_60 = “8”; var RoadSpeedLimit_60E = “9”; After you change it, sometimes you still need to lift the speed manually through the display (depending on the tractor model) You only need to reprogram transmission controller for that. If you reprogrammed all of them, some settings might have went to default so you might get up to 5 fault codes that you need to configure with SA. Q2: Does it work with SA 4.2? A2: Service Advisor is just a tool to use pld. Pld editor works without SA. Q3: I have a question about trying to up the power of a 6330 to a 6430. If I compare the engine pld of both tractor they are identical (just the info in the bottom is different) So I don’t know how it could up the power if all the code is the same?? A3: most pld files are made for various models, the info at the bottom determines which part of the pld file will be used for programming. For example: PRODUCT_MODEL_NO=6115 PERFORMANCE_OPTION_PART_NO=R546973 FACTORY_OPTIONS=RE570443 Q4: Do you have John Deere PLD file editor for sale? A4: Sorry, we don’t have PLD files. You can search or download from google.
  10. WIFI CAT ET III Adapter Caterpillar ET3 New Arrival The old bluetooth cat et adatper iii has stopped production, and you can get the new WIFI CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool adapter to replace it, VOBDII.COM has WIFI CAT ET III Adapter Caterpillar ET3 New Arrival. WIFI Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III 317-7485 CAT ET III Diagnostic CAT Communications Adapter III 317-7485 would be the newest generation of the CAT Communication Adapter group, and replaces the CAT Comm Adapter II.This function is required for some CAT ET (Electronic Technician) functions. Real 2015A Auto Scanner Tools Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III P/N 317-7485 Professional Diagnostic Adapter for CAT with WIFI This can be the only recommended communication device for Auto Repair Computer software CAT, as well as the only datalink device that may enable you to properly communicate with a CAT engine on dual datalinks. Application version: 2015A 2015A Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Communication: 1. Permits communication amongst service tools and engine controls utilizing numerous data links just like J1939/11, DeviceNet (future release), CAT DataLink, and J1708 (ATA) vehicle networks; 2. Flash program allows adapter firmware upgrades as more functions develop into available; 3. Makes use of J1939/11, high-speed information link (a part of ADEM III controls), substantially minimizing flash times; 4. Automatically selects J1939/11 when flashing the engine (reduces the flash time around 80%, from 14 minutes to 3 minutes). For anyone who is interested in wireless diagnostic interface for cat engines, please you may decide on this new WIFI CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool III adapter from www.autonumen.com , and also you will get 5% off discount in the event you order it now.
  11. CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter has a powerful function As a excellent Professional Diagnostic Tools products, CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter has a powerful function.it not only can Display “Logged Event Codes” to show engine over speeds,High temperatures, fuel consumption but also can view ECM’s current configuration and change user settings,perform diagnostic tests and calibrations, and calibrate.Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic components . This is the only recommended communication device for CAT, and the only datalink device that will allow you to properly communicate with a CAT engine on dual datalinks. Context sensitive help leads operator through every task Cat ET can perform. Data Logger and Data Log Viewer allows recording of ECM signals for delayed troubleshooting capability.Cat “ET Trainer” is now included in ET Program. It allows Users to train and practice using Cat ET without a Communications adapter or Electronic Control Module (ECM).This is a free feature of Cat ET. It is the latest generation of the CAT Communication Adapter group, and replaces the Caterpillar Tools This is the only recommended communication device for CAT, and the only datalink device that will allow you to properly communicate with a CAT engine on dual datalinks. This function is needed for some CAT ET (Electronic Technician) functions. The PC-based service tools from Caterpillar provide the capability to access Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) from a personal computer. Many job-critical tasks can be performed with an electronic service tool. The user can display the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) simultaneously, view active and clear logged diagnostics, display the current configuration of an ECM and much more. The service tool works with a communication adapter to allow connection to an ECM. The version and identification of the ECM is automatically retrieved and is displayed on a summary screen when the program is started. Diagnostic tests and calibrations can also be performed. More similar products can be found on www.autonumen.com and any problem please feel free contact us.
  12. Some of my customers let me recommended which auto diagnostic tool is good for Porsche , I recommend Porsche Piwis Tester ii for all of you who also have any request. By the way , we have a big promotion for it on this month , you can buy it with laptop , only need USD1188/set . Piwis Tester II is the latest professional tester for Porshe,the most poweful diagnose and offline programming tool for Porsche,with latest tester for Porsche,powerful functions,full access .The latst software of it is V15.6 ,and can support multi-language , sucha as : Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch . The systems which it can support as following : ENGINE automatio transmission, air-conditioner, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, Original antitheft System,KEYLESS GO system, OBDII system. Please check the FAQ for Porsche Piwis Tester II as bellow : Q1: How to accomplish Porsche Piwis Tester II online function? A1: Porsche Piwis Tester II online is via Team Viewer remote control, globally available. Q2: How to handle with 90 days locking about Porsche Piwis Tester II? A2: Porsche Piwis Tester II timing is unlimited, always showing 90 days. Q3: How much software update charges for per year? A3: The first year software update fee is free. Q4: How to update Porsche Piwis Tester II? A4: By CD or HDD. When you want update. you can contact with our customer service as well Q5: If it is showing Porsche Logo when booting computer? A5: Yes, CF-31R, CF30K are with Porsche Logo when booting computer. Q6: License Validity? A6: To support ONLINE function, valid certificate must be available for Porsche Piwis Tester II. Q7: Where could get Laptop Power-on Password? A7: Normally ours is piwis-3456, or piwis-4567. Or you can see the stickers on laptop. (Attached pic shows). If there is any problem, can contact customer service freely. Now , how is your opinion for our porsche piwis tester ii ? Welcome to contact us any time .
  13. Meeko

    Help me choose a car!

    Why the optima over the others? The thing that's most important to me is fuel economy, so I'd like to choose a hybrid model. Which of these are good hybrids? If the optima is a good hybrid, I'd love to get it :")... But I'd like to know your opinions.
  14. Hi there. I am looking to buy a used car for 60k, that is from 2015+ and has decent miles, preferably under 50k. I came down to 4 models: BMW M6,Jaguar F-Type R, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911 Carrera, So far I am still searching the market for deals on these models and trying to decide which one would be best for me. Here is my experience and thoughts with each model: BMW M6: Both the 2 door coupe and the 4 door grand coupe would work for me. A relatively heavy feeling car, but with lots of power to back it from the 4.4V bi-turbo 560 HP that pushes the rear back relatively easy for drifting, but on back roads the weight can be felt and I think it impacts the way the car is handled. The interior is quite nice, the exhaust notes are decent (better with straight pipes) and the overall look of the car is decent, but not significantly different than normal lower series BMW. Jaguar F-Type R: By far the most good looking car from this list with excellent exhaust notes. If I needed the car to show off, this have been perfect, but I want a car to still be enjoyable on back roads and fun on track days, which this can be in lower speeds, but as you go faster the car is tail happy and oversteers alot, so you need to be extra careful then trying to enjoy the car. The interior is beautiful, a really nice place to be. Nissan GTR: I am talking about the premium model. If I needed a car to drag race or purely for performance, I would choose this car no questions asked. 0-60 just under 3 seconds, 11 seconds to 1/4 mile and all wheel drive makes this car the best performance on paper. In reality is still really enjoyable in any condition, public streets, back roads, track, the only issue might be the non-ceramic brakes that soften quick rapidly, otherwise from the driving stand point it is really enjoyable. On the downside, I don’t think the car is particularly beautiful looking, the interior feels really cheap and the exhaust note is way softer than other cars of this list (because of the bi-turbo v6). Porsche 911 Carerra: There is a saying “You can not go wrong with a Porsche”. The handling, the driving feeling, and the overall experience with the 911 (991 models) is one of the best, the rear engine and rear drive feel so good on backroads and track. The interior is decent (also has 4 seats which might be considered a plus), and the overall look of the car, although not greatly changed for 50 years, I think it quite beautiful from all angles. There are some downsides too in this car, the engine fells a bit underpowered on a straight line, or when you need more power and undesteers a lot. Also the exhaust not it is not really loud enough for my taste (some straight pipes will help). As you can see this is why I could not decide which car should I buy. Each car is exceeding in some way over the others, M6 is really powerfull, F-Type is really beautifull and sounds awsome, GTR is a racing machine, and Porche has an overall good performance. I am still trying to decide which car would better fit me, so any help and suggestions would help me tremendously. Thank you for your time!
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  16. Hello and welcome to C.F.
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    Help me choose a car!

    Welcome. That's a hard decision. I'd opt for the Optima...lol
  18. Nate4x4

    Ecco Auto Parts

    Welcome to the site...
  19. And another one: BMW 525 acceleration test 0-130 mph on the German Autobahn
  20. Hello! I'm 17 years old, and I'm saving up for my first car. I'm choosing between the Mazda 6, Kia Optima, and Ford fusion. I just CAN'T choose one. Please help! Thanks ":)
  21. Nate4x4

    Why do people buy car insurance?

    If your first post involves a link, then you might want to rethink that first post. We are not a place to drop links and advertise your blog, store or whatever. It is a discussion forum, not a classified. We do have a classified section that you can use but read the rules in that forum.
  22. If your first post involves a link, then you might want to rethink that first post. We are not a place to drop links and advertise your blog, store or whatever. It is a discussion forum, not a classified. We do have a classified section that you can use but read the rules in that forum.
  23. unscrupulous traders andpeople joining up just to advertise their websites or services. Whi Xender Discord Omegle
  24. kiki32

    Why do people buy car insurance?

    out some of the driving factors here : Car insurance (third party liability) is compulsory in India, if you don't have the insurance for your vehicle you have to pay fine. The third-party liability insurance covers Audacity Find My iPhone Origin
  25. I have my old car Volkswagen Passat and i needed new parts. Best site i found was Ecco auto parts http://ecco.com.my/ This is Auto Part Trading Company in Malaysia. They make Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi and Posche parts. Price for quality is amazing !!! I personally recommend this site for you http://ecco.com.my/
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  27. Nate4x4

    Pickup Review: 2019 Ram 1500

    Like all trucks these days, the Ram drives more like a luxury car than work machine, albeit one with a fairly wide turning circle and it uses rear coils rather than leaf springs. My tester was optioned with the brand’s exclusive, $1,895 four-corner air suspension. It automatically levels out the truck when it’s loaded, and drops down to help with aerodynamics at higher speeds. It can also be raised and lowered via a button on the dash: Down for easier access, or up for more off-road clearance. Be careful if you’re buying with capability in mind, though, as the system’s weight cuts into the payload. Styling is always subjective, but the Ram is a good-looking beast, sleeker and slicker than the outgoing model it replaces. I was really hoping the company would finally do something about bed access, but alas, it let me down again. Ford gives you a fold-out rung and GM has its brilliantly simple bumper steps, but Ram gives you nothing. There’s only the bumper to stand on — with a plastic cover that’s slippery when it’s wet. Things are much better inside the enormous cabin, with its busy but handsome design. Most functions are controlled with simple dials and buttons, including the heated seats and steering wheel, and the Uconnect infotainment system is still one of the more intuitive ones out there. There’s also a ton of storage space: Two glove boxes, a dash-mounted cubby with a USB port, and a massive centre console with a sliding top for instant reconfiguration. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A variety of active safety technologies are available, and my truck included lane-keep assist, self-parking and adaptive cruise control that keeps its distance from the vehicle in front — but with the option of using the regular, pay-attention type of cruise control as well, if you prefer. It also has emergency braking front and rear, although it scared the crap out of me a couple of times when it jammed on the brakes well before I was close to a curb. Everybody’s making decent trucks these days, and the Ram is no exception. It might not truly be “all” new, but FCA did it right and kept the parts that needed keeping.
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