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  2. ILLUMMINATI/FAME/WEALTH/PUBLICITY/POWERS.CALL.+27718507838. Are you a business, Man/ woman,politician, musical, student and you want to be rich, powerful and be famous in life. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Great Illuminati brother hood. With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you really want to be a member of the great Illuminati brother hood, contact the Lord Illuminati now, Note: worldwide.Many pseudo-entertainers are aware of Illuminati legends and work those symbols and myths into their acts to fuel further speculation. Supporters of this idea say organizations like the United Nations, European Union, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, International Monetary. Life is a map that is drawn by your decisions. Every day, the maze of existence presents you with hundreds of pathways and you must select a direction through your choices. How will you spend your time? Where will you go? Who will you speak to? What will you say? Each decision leads to a different road with its own set of questions.Your ability to discern between the simplest choices can mean the difference between a life of wealth or poverty, sickness or health, conflict or peace. A small decision that you make today may be the catalyst that sends you on the road to your goals — though you will never know how important this choice is until you reach the end and look back.Rich Ganga.The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influences of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.Every human is guided by an inner compass that points toward the Light, revealing truth and direction amidst decisions. All human spiritual beliefs ultimately seek the Light in ways differing only in form and function.Illuminati membership is presented by invitation only. Individuals who may fit the requirements for inclusion in the Illuminati will be contacted proactively through our official. Certain individuals who are not currently members of the Illuminati can be examined for possible membership on a case-by-case basis. Some of the factors that may allow you to become a member of the Illuminati include:Becoming a member is beneficial to all parties. A benefit may be considered as anything which is helpful, profitable, favorable and advantageous to a person. A benefit may take many forms such as improving a person in some way, promoting his happiness, raising his status socially, increasing personal contacts with others, or assisting him in any number of other ways. In general way, the benefits of illuminate membership are both tangible and intangible. That’s to say,Join Illuminati now, money is not the root of all evil, money is the route to all freedom. The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities. Copyright © 2021 illuminatikings|how to join illuminati|Join Illuminati | Powered by illuminatikings|how to join illuminati|Join IlluminatiWhatsApp chat.+27718507838.If you feel you’re just not getting paid what you’re worth and would like to increase your income, then you will be in the right place. This works in one of two possible ways; many people get a sudden, unexpected promotion at the same company they have been working for, earning a lot more money than before, and other people find that they are suddenly presented with opportunities to move to a different job, making a lot more than they were before. It helps to transform you into a magnet attracting help and support from the people most likely to boost you up the ladder of success. Start moving up the ladder of success TODAY! If you’ve been on the same rung of the success ladder for far too long, you need our society to empower you. We have the the amazing ability to boost you up the ladder of success much faster and easier than you could possibly do. This can be achieved with our illuminati FAME AND FORTUNE orchestration. The illuminati society is amazing if you want to attract fame and fortune in whatever it is you want to do in life. This oracle orchestration has NO LIMITS whatsoever. POWER All the powerful need protection from all aspects of life. Our society will shield you providing protection to you, your family, your property and your position in society.In general, you could say that the illuminati secret society gives you power.1. It is of utmost importance that we think carefully about the words we use in a sentence. Words are the engine of communications. When an Illuminati says something it has to be clear and to the point. Anyone who interprets the words of an Illuminati is a fool, a parasite who seeks to pervert the meaning and value of words. 2. Aside from our own political philosophy we do not and must not tolerate nor preach political tolerance. All altruist philosophies have had their chance and have failed. To tolerate a political philosophy other than Objectivism is to commit intellectual treason; it is to tolerate and reward failure.3. Illuminati never act on whim nor does one tolerate those who worship whim knowingly or otherwise. Whim is a gut feeling, an idea conceived through emotions without any regard for logic; such people who think they are right but do not know why nor can they explain why; they are parasites who have rejected logic and reason. Example of people who act on whim are the brain-dead and the animals and other examples are socialists/communists; such people hide behind words such as “democrats”, “republicans” but all they are, are people who have no moral standards, people who try to solve problems by creating new ones; they are like a black hole.4. The Illuminati never ever tolerates any form of welfare or socialism. Welfare and social programs can only exist in situations where the government takes from those who produce to give to the trash that do not. An example of the results of communism in practice in the United States is the welfare system which took the money of hard working people to give to the poor as a reward for being poor and doing nothing. The end result was that 38 million people were born on welfare and each one decided to spit out more parasites (children of the poor) because the Socialist United Federation of America offered them a reward for having more babies. The more babies those parasites had the more welfare money they are given. It is the duty of every Illuminati to wipe out all forms of socialism (which is communism under a different name) once and for all.5. The Illuminati hold Laissez-faire capitalism as the only social system proper for mankind, because it is an objective system, which honors and respects the rights of each individual. Read about more protocols of illuminati6. The Illuminati Order recognizes the right of all individuals to vote for elected officials but not for”majority rule.” When a majority is given power over a minority no one has any rights at all; society will shift and change like the wind over an ocean. When it comes to justice and freedom the only majority and minority we recognize is the individual.7. The Arts are recognized as the symbols of greatness and beauty of an enlightened human being. Furthermore, we recognize each Enlightened individual as a self-made work of art, which always changes but never, looses its value and beauty.8. The only “virtue” we recognize is the will to obtain values through honest means. Any person who uses reason and logic to continually improve oneself is automatically a virtuous person. An Illuminati is a virtuous individual not because one is intelligent or because one has great knowledge but because one is never satisfied with the knowledge one has and seeks to gather more and to obtain one’s own happiness. 9. An Enlightened individual always seeks to trade value for value; this means that whatever one desires one seeks to obtain honestly through her/his own efforts. This is what it means to value something or someone. 10. The sole duty and goal of each individual is to seek one’s own happiness not someone else’. For this reason we seek to establish a world of responsible and enlightened people so that our own children who are an extension of ourselves will have the freedom to enjoy their happiness which is the sole reason for living. 11. We view all that exists as our reality. Aside from existence there is nothing but death. Those who embrace irrationality, the concepts of the “supernatural” have betrayed reality for unreality, the intelligent for the unintelligible. All of existence is what we call “nature” therefore the “supernatural” is a concept invented by morons and preached by those who seek to exploit the brainwashed. 12. The vision of the Illuminati is not to conquer the world but to free it from those who enslave it. 13. Union(s) is a communist cancer introduced into the world to deprive the honest person from running her/his own business honestly. Such organizations and all those belonging to them must be eliminated at all costs. The formation of unions have caused employers to raise the prices of their products, which in turn create higher inflation rates and introduce stagnation into healthy economies. Unions are formed by immoral thugs who seek to acquire higher wages simply because they feel like it. The type of people who love unions are those who are jealous of someone’s success; the type who like to dictate to others how much wealth they are permitted to have. These types of parasites must be eliminated at all costs; they are morons who have no respect for freedom or any concept of economics or the effect their actions have on the economy and the future. Such organizations are just another form of legalized Mafia, pure and simplE14. The Illuminati hold true that tyranny and tyrants are those political systems and people who do not respect the individual rights and property rights. To destroy such systems and people is a measure of self-defence and it is morally justified. A perfect example of such is the socialists, fascists, communists and those who preach “democracy” without defining what they mean by “democracy”. Democracy comes in many forms and it does not represent “freedom” nor “justice”, it represents whatever those altruists preaching it have in mind; whatever the whim of the times are. The ONLY form of government, which represents freedom and justice, is an absolute-democracy where the system of government has an absolute standard known as a constitution. Such a democracy is a “republic” because it has a constitution as the supreme law of the land and an absolute moral standard included within its body. We use the term “Enlightened” to refer to like-minded people and to members of the Illuminati Order also known as Illuminists. 15. An Illuminati is a person who loves truth and a person who recognizes reason as the only tool which leads to truth. To obtain truth we must recognize and accept objective reality and in doing so, truth becomes and is the only and absolute standard of justice. For this reason Illuminati are the only people worthy of respect and honor. (We use the word “illuminati” in the singular as well out of respect for both/all genders similar to the way we use the word “law” in both the singular and plural.) 16. An Illuminati does not recognize any nationality, race, or people aside from that which we call “human” beings when it comes to our specie. 17. To seek payment for something one did not earn is a sign of a thief. To give payment for the unearned or undeserved is to commit intellectual treason. Illuminati do not practice charity as the altruists do nor do we compromise or seek to please others by offering gifts, bonuses or flattering words. 18. People who seek to be respected by others and who seek the acknowledgement and appreciation of others are parasites who deserve neither respect nor any acknowledgement. Illuminati live justice; we do not just talk about it. We love ourselves and respect ourselves; we need not be loved by others. We respect each other automatically because of our nature, because what we stand for, because we know who we are and what we wish to become.
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  5. MAJOR REASONS FOR DELAY IN MARRIAGE Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and 8th Lord create Late Marriage Yoga in Horoscope. late in Marriage is intimated in your Horoscope When Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, etc influence the Marriage-related Houses or Its Lords in your Kundli. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is that the main planet for the delay. Planets respocliable for delay in marriage Venus/Jupiter is weak within the horoscope.malestic planets combined with Satrun like Mars, Rahu aspects 7th house. Satrun and Mars have a combined influence on the 7th house. The 7th house is home is vacant and not aspected by any planet. The wedding is one of sixteen sacraments of life mentioned within the Hindu religion. One of the trials facing the Indian community today is that the delay in marriage. Astronomy tries of the conditions of the asteroids in your horoscope to hunt out the solution to those problems. This webpage represents the delay of the step wedding supported the birth chart. Further, the lower part shows the effective solutions for delaying marriage to a boy, relying on his mood chart. So, these are just a few of the varied causes of delays in marriage. Venus and Jupiter are vital planets concerning marriage. Jupiter plays an important role in divining the wedding season. Late Marriage astrology doesn't explain the explanations for delaying marriage it also answers it. As we all know that marriage is bliss and thus the foremost pleasant sensation for both individuals. But only it can happen in its time. But most of the time what we assume or decide to not happen in an appropatriet manner. Because as per the religion the destiny that the god has planned for us nobody can change. Are you searching on the online about late marriage astrology then Our Astrologer who could also be a world-famous astrologer giving late marriage astrology services for quite 25 years with the foremost simplistic records of success during this field. if you'd wish to urge complete details about late marriage astrology + something then our giving article and blog can help u to unravel all problems. https://astrologershivnathji.com/
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  7. House property problems solution Frauds concerning the title of the property or land are quite common in our country, within the deficiency of digitized land records. These are even easier once you purchase a standalone property. To avoid such property disputes later, confirm you've got that you've got a lawful right to the property you have. Verifying all the records related to land within the start and discussing an honest astrologer can assist you to avoid most of these frauds. Our expert Jyotishi can warn you about suggestions of property disputes within the birth chart. Clashes over rented and leased property are also quite frequent among various common property conflicts. These can occur between the owner and tenant or between the renter and thus the local welfare association. Such issues can easily be avoided by assuring that the lease contract has been written with rules and expectations concerning the support and maintenance of the rented-out property. An astrologer can easily classify property disputes within the birth chart. if read in tandem with the previous chart can divine the use and ill-usage of the rented or leased estate. The sense of ownership of a touch of land is one thing that always fills the center of a landowner with joy. However, sometimes the piece of land becomes an evidence for concern when it's dragged into a lawsuit or differing kinds of disputes leading to sleepless nights for the landowner. That's just one side of the matter related to the property. Sometimes another side of the matter occurs, when your suburban property encounters a specific quite Vaastu fault leading to the inception of problems like haunting surroundings, loss of monetary growth, troubles in marriage, poverty, restless life, and much of kinds of problems. Equivalent Vaastu faults create problems at one’s commercial property hampering the expansion of it’s commercial viability to a greater extent. https://astrologershivnathji.com/
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