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  2. Watch as London Police wage war against drivers and their cars on London's supercar strip known as Sloane Street. Could this be the end of Sloane street as we know it? https://youtu.be/pu9ZrqGD_Gs
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  6. WRECKING FOR PARTS CITROEN DISPATCH VAN 05/2008 176,470KM MANUAL 4CYL DIESEL Date Listed:31/03/2020 Last Edited:23/04/2020 Make:Citroen Warranty:available Condition:used Visit us @ CAR PART.
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  8. Hey all, I need some help identifying what kind of vehicle has these rims/body style. Inquiring about the white vehicle. Thank you!
  9. Wrecking 2007 Range Rover Sports 4.4L V8 6Spd Automatic Wagon in Black Colour Date Listed:14/05/2020 Last Edited:19/05/2020 Make:Land Rover Warranty:yes Condition:used Visit us @ CAR PART.
  10. Hello! I am attending a college 500 miles away from home and need a good car to make that trip a few times a year. In the winter the pass is snowy, so I am looking for something AWD, but still a sedan or hatchback (I also would prefer manual transmission if possible; I don't know how common those are now). The Subaru Impreza looks perfect for me, but they are expensive! Even ten year old models will run me $10,000. Is there any comparable car to that one that I could find for closer to 6 or 7000? Would an early 2000's Outback be reliable enough for me? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  11. UberTaxi lets riders request for licensed taxi cabs (i.e., regular taxi cabs; yellow cabs; and black cabs) via the Uber mobile app. Riders are picked up by regular metered taxis instead of private cars. Uber continues to develop innovative products like the UberTAXI, designed to satisfy various customer needs. It is undeniable that uber has not only revolutionized but improved the transport sector of cities where it operates. Do you want to become an UberTaxi partner or driver and you need information about how much UberLux drivers makes, this post is for you. But the prices differ and the amount drivers makes as an UberTaxi partner is higher than that of UberX. In these posts, filled with our expertise and tips, we walk you through, all the necessary information about UberTaxi and how much drivers makes. UberLux drivers also earn more benefit compare to other uber services. How much do UberTaxi drivers make UberBlack and UberTaxi Price comparison Fees - UberBlack - UberTaxi Base fare - $10 - $5 Per minute - $1 - $1 Per kilometer - $2.90 - $1.50 Minimum fare - $25 - $15 Cancellation fee - $10 - $5 How much do UberTaxi drivers make Visit link for more info – How much do UberTaxi drivers make
  12. If the fix is more or less the price of a new car, why not buy a new one?
  13. Choosing the first car is very difficult. As far as the first car is concerned we can't do anything because the whole thing depends on quality. There are many factors affecting on selection of car such as speed, mileage, maintenance, service, and cost is one of them. So you must check those things.
  14. thanks for sharing! loving the design. I like that the car is not so big in the video as compared to the photo. I really like the black one
  15. Interesting crackdown on motorists. That was informative to watch. https://www.igorbnews.com/2020/06/uk-coronavirus-thousands-come-to.html
  16. Very useful if your first car is used. You can also purchase the full car history of the used car with the help of the website and buy it confidently.
  17. If you want to take suggestions about new car. Then contact Car Part Store Today! Experts provides you better information.
  18. Contact Car Part Store Today! They have a team of expert mechanics which solves your problem.
  19. I think the starter motor isn't receiving power from your battery. Seems like something is blocking and not clicking with the battery. The battery might be too low.
  20. Hey guys, I've recently written an article which looks at the current limitations of electric cars, as well as how it affects potential new buyers and whether or not it is sustainable for the entire planet to run Electric Cars at the moment. I'd love to get some thoughts from other electric car owners, and if there any potential solutions to the problems that I'm not aware of ? This is the article: https://www.inter-citycouriers.co.uk/challenges-electric-vehicle-production-can-we-beat-pumps It's a relatively quick read, and I would really appreciate any feedback or thoughts on the content. Thanks Joey
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  22. Hi everyone I recently bought a 2003 Toyota Rav4 and shortly after I purchased it I noticed white smoke coming out of the tail pipe. It's most apparent at start up and goes away after a few seconds, but also appears when I hit the gas. I'm not too sure but it may be getting worse. Some other symptoms include a rough idle and a rich fuel smell coming from the exhaust (I ran a fuel pressure test but it seems healthy at 45psi) and a rattling noise coming from under the valve cover that sounds like a loose timing chain (I have a timing chain tensioner on order. Hopefully I don't need a new chain). So far to address the idling issue I have cleaned the maf sensor, cleaned the IAC valve, and tested it for vacuum leaks (I found one but it had little impact on the rough idle). I have also changed the oil and spark plugs. Any advise out there? And no I didn't see the smoke when I purchased it, likely because it was already running that day and the smoke is most apparent at a cold start up.
  23. Hello! I advise you to buy CBD oil UK from Blessed CBD, and this will cease to be a problem for you. My work is also related to physical labor, and I realized that stress affects your state and provokes negative emotions, and you get tired more. Now I began to consider such problems as additional training, and then I do not need to go to the gym.
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