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  2. https://youtu.be/K-mDoY-E9_w Carspotting in London [ Sept 2020 ] Car spotting exotic cars in London featuring the new Porsche Tycan 4S, a Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Aventador, an army of Rolls Royces, Porsche GT3RS, Bentley, Lamborghini Urus Super SUVs, New facelift Jaguar F-Type and more.
  3. Perform maintenance regularly Replace important fluids Change oil regularly Check tires Clean windows change filters for synthetic oil regularly
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  5. Back in 1999, three friends, Pete Sindone, and brothers Mike and Sam Cestaro, use to be on a few online auto parts locating services. After a few years trying their best to work with the services they removed themselves from all of them. This gave them the idea to build their own Used Car Parts Service. In 1986 Mike and Sam Cestaro bought an Auto Salvage yard in East Patchogue Long Island. Since then All American Auto Wreckers has become one of Long Island leaders in the used auto parts business, then in 1998 they hired Long Time Family Friend Pete Sindone to help work with them to make the yard even better. With all the hard work they put into building All American and making it one of Long Islands Best and Cleanest Auto Salvage Facility. They now turned their interests to the Online Auto Parts Used Locator Service. Within the next few years the 3 friends made a lot of changes to the site and adding in feature after feature to give the Dealers as much as they could give, things started to look good. The next step was to get the site ranked as high as they could so Repair Shop, Body shop, Insurance Companies and anyone looking for used parts could find them and the parts they needed fast and at the best prices and from the best dealers online. So they hired a SEO company to help manage them on the internet and help get them to the top of the search engines and make it easier for people to find them. It took them a few years but they got ranked and been located on the 1st pages on all the top search engines. Since that time the boys have been putting together what they call the BEST Used Auto Parts Locating Service online. Today with the Hard work of Long Time friend Brain Holzberger they have built what is considered to be the BEST online Used Auto Part Locating Services. Uneedapart.com is the must user friendly and easiest site to navigate for locating auto parts. The Site uses the most modern software and programs so everything is flawless and simple to use. The Staff at Uneedapart has put together what will be the BEST site and what will be the leader in parts locating services. With the experience that the three partners have from the Auto Salvage Business and now putting that info to use with the Online parts locating service they feel gives them the edge over the rest. Since putting all of this together the Staff at Uneedapart has been working with all Top Salvage Yards across the Country and Canada to build a group of Used Auto Parts Dealers that are the Best of the Best. The Staff at Uneedapart works hard to help you find what your looking for with the Best Parts Best dealers and Best Prices anywhere… Remember UNeedapart.com makes it Simple to Locate all of your part(s) needed from your shop or at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week ! www.uneedapart.com Source- https://uneedapartt.blogspot.com/2020/08/uneedapart-about-us.html
  6. Are you tired of paying high prices for auto parts? The biggest challenge isn’t finding a quality part for a low price. The answer to your problem is not cut-rate imitation parts that break after a few thousand miles. What you need are quality tested used auto parts that sell for a fraction of the price. Uneedapart specializes in locating used car parts for all makes and models from your reliable truck to your prized sports car. With our help, you can enjoy OEM parts that feature an excellent combination of high quality with low prices. We make finding the right parts easy. We have a convenient search engine that allows you to look for specific parts or systems. All you have to do is enter the used parts you are looking for along with details about your car like make, model and year. The system will do the rest of the work for you. Uneedapart.com takes pride in providing you with the great used auto parts that you need. Whether you have an older foreign car or a newer domestic car, we search salvage yards all around North America and Canada to help you find the right engine, assemblies and other hard to find parts. You will be provided with several options to choose from, and they will all be a great match for your car. CHOOSE AN EXPERIENCED COMPANY We know that you are looking for hard to find parts for your Mustang or affordable OEM replacement items for the Thunderbird in your garage. We also appreciate that you’re trying to save money in the process. We locate the part directly from the yard to eliminate the middleman and save you money. Other used parts companies obtain the parts and then mark them up by as much as 90 percent. We help you to find the parts you need without getting stuck with ugly fees and high markups. With our service, you can find several options to choose from. You can select the price range, mileage information and conditions you are looking for. Once you have found the perfect part from our incredible nationwide network of salvage yards, you will discover that the prices are as impressive as the service. We can bring you the lowest prices because our used parts suppliers want your business. It’s an open market system where they are forced to compete with each other to give you the best prices and options. You can find the lowest costs and best options without any haggling or negotiating. When you want quality used auto parts for your car, you don’t have to pay high prices that leave you struggling financially. We are not paid through your purchase, so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best price for the parts you need. BIG TICKET ITEMS When you have a car that’s nearly paid for, you don’t want to go out and buy a new one because the transmission failed or the engine is blown. It’s more affordable to buy a used engine or transmission and put it in place. We have the ultimate network of yards for finding high quality parts like these. In fact, engines and transmissions are one of our most popular options. Are you trying to find the perfect engine for a 1973 Camaro you’re restoring? Maybe you just want an engine with low miles for the family minivan. Whether you’re trying to save a few dollars or find something rare, we can help you. Our recyclers are happy to provide warranties on most parts, so you can buy with confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a high performance masterpiece or a powerful workhorse to increase towing capacity. Uneedapart will help you find a perfect match at a price you can live with. FACTORY PARTS ARE BETTER The fact is that OEM parts are more reliable than poor-quality after-market options, and used parts may be the only option when you are dealing with older models that are out of production. 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  9. Besides Advanced Auto Parts, I also like Hex auto parts. At first I ordered the wrong starter for my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 and the customer service department made sure I got the right one and it arrived in two days. The starter fit perfectly and works fine. I saved a lot of money with HexAutoParts.My local auto store wants way over 200 dollars for the SAME part I can buy here for under 40 wooow.I have saved them as my first bookmark for car parts.
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  11. Hi guys, I saw the new sizes of custom licence plates are available at the website ( https://adhesivereplica.com ), I was wondering if it’s legal?
  12. Race Brake Shop offers quality brake pads for sports cars or luxury vehicles. Brake Fluid is a superior quality synthetic brake oil used in automobiles. Racebrake shop has a better team of mechanic experts which provides information on all brake compounds. We know performance braking. With over 15 years of club and professional sports car building and racing experience our founder Chris Sneed knows how to get the most from a brake system. Race Brake Shop is the place for enthusiasts looking for real, accurate information on the best brake components for their sports car. Dot 4 Brake Fluid is a superior quality synthetic brake oil meant for the hydraulic brakes of automobiles.
  13. I was reading about the Ferrari F40 tonight and realized it ran to 60 in 4.2 seconds. That's quick but by today's standards easily beaten by a lot of different options. So that had me thinking so many YouTube channels do versus videos, is there one that does new cars versus classics, iconic cars or even just ten year old super cars? Any recommendations?
  14. Once the engine oil temperatures were under Sneed4Speed developed a cooler kit that forced air from the front bumper through flexible hoses into proprietary brackets mounted on the wheel hub to blow the air directly into the brake rotor Best Mini Cooper Interior Sti Shift knob, and cool the brake system. The kit worked very well, reducing peak temperatures by over 500F! control the next weak link in the new MINI was the front brakes.After Sneed4Speed had resolved the shortcomings of the factory in the oil cooling and brake areas they turned their focus to suspension, working with other companies, they helped develop coilover suspension kits, camber plates and suspension bushings to make the MINI handle even better than it already did.
  15. There are primarily two ways; the service history booklet and car service history online. As a buyer, it is your right to ask for the service booklet and read it carefully to find any discrepancies.
  16. This is a 1966 Chevy Impala, there are badges that say the car has the 427 but I don’t know if it really does. Here are some photos of the engine, the carburetor isn’t labeled as being a 427 but I’m still not sure.
  17. In terms of Civic, Si and Type R are both good. So far, so good in the Si's favor against its burlier Type R sibling, but then the decision gets hard when you consider the engine. The 31 extra ponies the Si has over the regular Civic are great, but with a chassis this good, you can't help but want more. And a different power profile; the Si's is really strong in the midrange, and it feels great blasting onto highways and other places where you wind across the entire tach. Get it out on a mountain road, though, and you begin to notice it goes soft on the top end where you're operating more of the time. With some cars, you hit the rev limiter and groan, "already?" Not this one. You keep your foot in it, then check the tach, then keep your foot in it some more, then short shift because winding it out isn't helping much. Although I don't worship the older, naturally aspirated Civic Si's the way some of my coworkers do, I appreciate how those cars pulled hard all the way to the fuel cutoff. I also hate the way the stupid Active Sound Control cranks up the drone in Sport mode. You can safely push it as hard as you want, all the while refining your steering, your braking, and your shifting. You'll learn more driving this car hard than you will in cars with twice the horsepower. Once you've soaked in the lessons, though, you might just find yourself in a power vacuum and look in the direction of the Type R. Another 100 horsepower ain't nothing to sneeze at, and once you've tasted the Type R, you're always going to feel like the Si's chassis could easily handle another 100 horses because, well, it can. And wouldn't it be great to be able to absolutely slingshot out of corners? It's a surprisingly difficult call to make, and it comes down to your driving philosophy. (Or your body-style preference, as the Type R is only available as a hatchback.) Me, I'm addicted to speed, and one can easily spend 10 grand or more modifying an Si to be as good as a Type R, so I say just get the best one from the start. That doesn't mean the Si is bad, though. In fact, the 2020 Honda Civic Si is great. It's a practical family sedan that drives and handles far better than a car with its price tag has any right to. It doesn't look ridiculous like the Type R—we don't get the slightly toned down Sport Line model in America—which makes it even more fun to keep up with German sport sedans that have more horsepower than talent and can't figure out why they can't shake a "normal" Civic. Go Si and you'll certainly be happy, but if and when you outgrow its capabilities, the Type R will be waiting. ( honda civic ราคา)
  18. I prefer to choose Vios. I love its appearance. Here I would like to focus on its exterior highlights. Toyota Vios boasts a radical front end design with a slim upper grille and sharper headlights coupled with a massive lower grille. The base variant J comes with automatic halogen reflector headlights, LED daytime running lights, and rear fog lights. The higher-spec E gets front fog lights and LED rear combination tail lights, while the top-spec G features halogen projector headlights. The lower trims ride on 15-inch alloy wheels, while Vios G comes with 16-inch two-tone alloy wheels. Other key highlights include electric door mirror adjustment, door visors, and auto-folding door mirrors with integrated indicators.
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  22. Tutorial: Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.44.1 software free download and Windows 7 install. Scania SDP3 2.44.1 download link (Chinese weiyun): https://share.weiyun.com/y0oiKqUQ Password: z82hu0 No risk SDP3 2.44.1 download link (Mega): https://mega.nz/file/l2RhFCAQ#sUpH4fb60b-rGy994YpFnCLIzg-SDbKzYPdmv5m3NOw Password: sdp3_covid_2020 Source: mhh forum (credits to @ JOSE BRENO) Testing version: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/scania-vci-sdp3-diagnos-programmer.html Security: it’s tested 100% working fine with all available Scania VCI3 truck diagnostic tools [item No. SH58 & SH58-B (simply version and cheap), SH58-C (best quality)] Operating system: Windows 7 or Win10 32 bit/64 bit Supported Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese Scania SDP3 2.44.1 New Features: The program is used for troubleshooting, adjusting customer parameters, calibrations, conversions affecting the electrical system and updating software in control units. -New general features No major new general features in the issue. -New system-specific features -Driver assistance system -User function 522 Lane keep assist has been added. It is possible to read the version number of the functions to compare with e.g. the certification document. How to install and activate Scania SDP3 V2.44.1? Please refer to SDP3 V2.43.1 installation guide on Win7: http://blog.eobdtool.co.uk/how-to-install-and-activate-scania-sdp3-v2-43-1-on-win7/ More Scania SDP3 software download and installation posts for reference: Scania SDP3 2.37.2 Diagnose & Programmer free download: Safest http://blog.eobdtool.co.uk/scania-sdp3-2-37-2-diagnose-programmer-free-download-safest/ Scania VCI3 SDP3 V2.31 window7 download, install & activation: http://blog.eobdtool.co.uk/scania-vci3-sdp3-v2-31-window7-download-install-activation/ Free download Scania SDP3 2.31 2.30 2.29 2.28 ALL links OK http://blog.eobdtool.co.uk/free-download-scania-sdp3-2-31-2-30-2-29-2-28-all-links-ok/ SCANIA VCI3 SDP3 V2.27 Crack Software Installation and Test Video: http://blog.eobdtool.co.uk/scania-vci3-sdp3-v2-27-crack-software-installation-and-test-video/
  23. Albert skovski company dont .(freelancer) mail : yahooalbert@yandex.com (i sell online account for odis and i don't need website and company for this i hope registration will be successful have a nice day)
  24. I have a brake booster issue with my 2007 Ford Ranger 2.3l. The brake booster passes all functional tests of the brake pedal and the truck brakes fine. However, every time I release the brake, the short term fuel trim spikes and then comes back down. There is no leak other than when brake pedal is moving backward. If I pump the brakes, then fuel trim will continually increase until the engine stalls. My thought was originally a weak return spring inside the booster allowing one valve to open slightly before the other closed. This would allow an extra bit of air in but the booster would function normally once everything settled out. However, I started to question how the extra air from the booster is handled in normal operation and now I have questions. In normal operation, the atmospheric side of the booster is evacuated by the intake vacuum every time the brake is released. This bit of air is added to the intake and is not monitored by the MAF. So, is this amount of air so small that it doesn't affect engine performance? If so, would this remain true if you pumped the brakes?. Or... Is this amount of air compensated for by the idle air control in some way such as through the brake pedal position sensor? It seems to me that my booster is pulling extra air on each release of the pedal affecting the fuel trim. However, if the IAC is involved and not monitoring the booster, I could understand why my fuel trims rise every time the booster is evacuated. So, do I have a bad booster or do I need to look further???
  25. hi I removed a remote starter from my 04 gmc sierra 2500hd. now when i go to start it, it starts and immediately dies. wondering if I'm missing something easy, or if I just ruined my pickup? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  26. I recently got in a dispute with my friend about whether common car companys can make super cars, like the Ford gt. I would like your opinion on the matter. Can common car company's make super cars?
  27. I bought a 99’ Chevy Astro last week. I went to move it an hour ago, and suddenly the gear stick won’t shift out of park mode. It’s urgent that I move the car from its current parking space as quickly as possible or else I’m gonna get ticketed. I just did an hour’s worth of research online, have tried a few things, but mostly the mechanical jargon is over my head. It’s suggested to override the shift lock, but have been unable to determine how to do that. I did notice that there is a thin band-like thingie hanging out of the side of where the ignition key goes in, slimed up with oil residue (see photo). Was this there before and I just didn’t notice?? Possibly not. Could this be related to why I can’t move the stick? Also, in case it matters, it’s parked on a hill. And,I definitely press the brake pedal when trying to shift. No go. Brake lights work. Any help, the sooner the better, would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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