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    totally off topic!!!!!!

    Hey if you've been a long time on the road, don't forget to do some work out or stretch after, so you can take a look at the best stretching machines that can help you.
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  4. Currently drive a 2005 Corolla LE, and have since 2006. Car has 140k miles and I want an upgrade. Found a 2016 Corolla S Plus, 6-speed with 23k miles listed as $13,999 from an independent dealer. The car is super clean, no accidents, one owner, moonroof, and dealership says it was likely a former lease. It's beautiful. Anyway, they said they would buy my old car only if it could serve them to resell it, but my car, despite running great (as expected from that generation of Corolla), has had a small fender bender (doesn't affect performance), and has the Check Engine light on. Check Engine light I was told by my mechanic is from the transmission clutch solenoid, and is an expensive fix so I never did it. Plus the tire icon light is on despite my tires being fine. Mechanic said that's an electrical and dealership repair but I never did it either. Doesnt seem worth it. The car drives excellent like I said, and will likely last for many years to come if kept it. Anyway, I think I'll just sell my current car privately but am wondering HOW MUCH I should sell it for given its issues I stated? Plus how much should I try to negotiate for the new Corolla? Do you think I can get them down to $11,999? I'm planning on paying straight up CASH for the new car and the guy at the dealership told me a lot of people have looked at it but people don't want it because no one wants a manual transmission anymore. I on the other hand DO want one. Any advice? I'm planning on taking a trip to see the car this Saturday. It's a 64 mile trip to the dealer so I really don't want to take my old car there bc I feel like they won't want to buy it. Anyway, thanks a lot guys!
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  7. Hello! My name is Emma, I am new to this forum. I joined CarForums because I received a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan for free, and it needs some work to be certified. This van has 305 000 kms on it, however we have no other vehicle right now (and we REALLY need one) so we feel inclined to fix it up for short term use. My boyfriend and I don't know much about cars but we can tell that there's a few things that need to be replaced. The most obvious thing is the windshield, and aside from that it seems like there is quite a bit of corrosion under the hood. A lot of hoses are looking very worn out and some things may be leaking. We are hoping to seek advice from people who know more than we do, we have included a photo of under the hood. I can upload more pictures if needed. Please give me your opinion, what needs to be replaced? Is it worth fixing up? Also keep in mind we don't intend to use this vehicle for very long, we just want it to get us by for a few months. Thanks in advance 😊
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  9. Looks like good car backup cameras Monmouth County NJ quality that you can use.
  10. trudymukers30

    Rear Tire Studs

    Just go to a decent tire sales & repair Morris County NJ shop to replace the nuts you're missing.
  11. lovecar

    I want buy used BMW M4

    My honest suggestions are for you to build a car of your own choice in your own budget from https://dsrleasing.com/?s=BMW+M4 because a colleague of mine had a very good experience of buying here. I hope you will also enjoy it. Best of luck buddy!
  12. Car runs ok, but I believe there’s an oil leak. Oldd car, job layoffs, and finally getting back on my feet with a new retail job... can’t yet afford repair shop inspection. I would appreciate any advice. The car: Buick Park Avenue, 2001 There appears to be a little oil on the upper right of engine. Car has 50,000 miles Got oil changed 6 months go— it is about 10%, maybe 15%, down from full on engine oil Car is 18 year old Photos of engine: https://ibb.co/whQc87v https://ibb.co/fdgbSbv or https://imgur.com/a/Wjbra2U https://imgur.com/FrVkWSF
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  14. Hey, if you want to treat your car properly, you definitely need to choose one of the best steering wheel covers because steering wheel is very vulnerable element of your interior.
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  16. Hi! I am new and I know absolutely nothing about cars. My father has a Lincoln and he wants his center caps to "float" like they do on a BMW or Rolls-Royce. How can this be achieved if it can? Thanks!
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    What the heck?
  18. Yes, I have a Mercedes Benz c300. Please contact me immediately and I will have all of your questions answered. Here is a look at the c300, all specs and details. Our number is on that website as well. Just ask for ALDO when you call. Thank you! https://www.crestvolvocars.com/used/Mercedes-Benz/2017-Mercedes-Benz-C-Class-plano-tx-e54f9e3c0a0e0ae729eaa0bd857de87d.htm
  19. tahiniaakter55666

    Need a Used Car

    Hi , Paulin Miller this type of check/certificate is well worth the peace of mind when buying privately. You can also check dealer & second hand values via https://www.quickrevs.com.au or most of the b\car buying websites
  20. Hi this is my first post and really need your help and advice. I am hiring a car for my family and I for 2 weeks and I have the choice of a Chevrolet Traverse (or similar type) or a Chrystler town and country (or similar type) from Avis. There will be 7 of us and not much luggage (3 cases). So my question is what would you guys choose? I want a nice car to drive thats also comfortable. I dont know anything about american cars so I thought I would ask the experts. Any advice or help will be gratefully received.
  21. tahiniaakter55666

    Need a Used Car

    Hi , Paulin Miller this type of check/certificate is well worth the peace of mind when buying privately. You can also check dealer & second hand values via www.redbook.com.au or most of the b\car buying websites.
  22. Esmith921

    Best SUV for $5k or under??

    Any SUV that you find for under 5k may still have some issues so it would always be a good idea to know what you are going to need to help you fix the car back to factory specs. There is a manual for each make, model, and year of car. Come here to make sure you're in the know ==> https://bit.ly/2CDLNTs <==
  23. Esmith921

    Project car

    With that being said, you have a tougher choice to make. Both cars have their pros and cons, but if you have already decided on a car then you should go here so you can have the manual for the car to help restore it back to factory specs if you need to ==> https://bit.ly/2CDLNTs <==
  24. Honestly if you still haven't found what you are looking for then maybe try looking here ==> https://bit.ly/2Ubnp5J <==
  25. Esmith921

    new vs old car

    That choice is completely up to you honestly but if you are thinking about getting another car maybe you should consider going to an auction maybe even look here ==> https://bit.ly/2Ubnp5J <== But If you are thinking about keeping the car you might continue to encounter problems. You should always be prepared for issues and have a plan, there is a place where you can get a manual for your make, model, and year of car that will help you restore parts of your car back to factory specs ==> https://bit.ly/2CDLNTs <==
  26. $7000 is a nice price to set for yourself, you can get a lot for that price honestly! If you ever considered going to an auction then this is the perfect place to go! Much more bang for your buck, go here to check it out ==> https://bit.ly/2Ubnp5J <==
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