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  2. 3 years ago I took my jeep on a rather long ride to KCI, and the next day, it sputtered over 60mph and as I deacellerated, the engine died. It started right back up and preceded to die on me at the next stop light I hit. Could not drive it home over 30mph and it sputtered the entire way. Replaced the tps. Didn't work. Error code p0107, was eventually forced to move it to a new home, so I replaced the map sensor. It seemed to be doing fine, but it idled pretty rough. Eventually the same stuff happened. Tried 2 different MAP sensors. Nothing. Recently replaced the idle air intake control valve LAST NIGHT and the little shit drove like a dream. No rough idle. I had it running for about 2 hours and drove over 40 miles before I felt the sputtering. Took the nearest exit, and it died at the light. This time it would not start back up. 4th try and gave it some gas and it kicked over. Ran great on the way home. Today, it does not idle rough while in park. Maybe I'm paranoid but it's idling minorly rough at stop lights and signs. Then I sweat thinking about it dying. Roads are very busy where I live and I have to cross a highway everyday. 123000 miles. W.T.F IS GOING ON? I just need a second opinon. My brain is totally racked. Wires? Brain? There's definitely an improvement from replacing the IAC, but some existing problems are still there.
  3. takumi

    Help starting

    Hi! I'm kind of a noob when it comes to cars, but lately, I have begun taking more interest in how things work and such. Can anyone guide me, maybe to a site or an online course, that will help me get started? Thanks a lot!
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  5. Nate4x4

    Can you identify this car?

    Chrysler PT Cruiser or Volkswagen Jetta.
  6. Nate4x4

    Identifying a car

    The three first pictures were that of a 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan.
  7. Nate4x4

    Help identifying a car

    It is a 2014 Hyundai Veloster.
  8. Nate4x4

    help identifying car

    Most likely a 2013 Nissan Altima.
  9. Nate4x4

    Anyone know what model is this car is?

    A 2012-2015 Dodge Challenger....it's American Made.
  10. danextreme

    Long term storage help

    Hey. I have a 2010 mitsubishi lancer. I will be storing my car for 1 year. I have a couple questions.. would it be better to inflate my tires ( i have run flats) and let them sit or change my wheels out? Should I disconnect the battery completely or just the negative terminal? Would it be better for someone to start my car every now and then or just let it sit the full year? Gas stabilizer.. is it okay to use? is it okay to drive with that in my tank? when i come back do i need to empty the tank or can i run the car and drive it around with the stabilizer? any help would be appreciated :) anything else i need to know before leaving my car for a year? P.S It will be left in a garage, but i live in new jersey so the temp will get very cold.
  11. Nate4x4

    What Car Is This?

    Likely a 2004 or 2005.
  12. hanzsern

    I need help deciding on a car

    Sort of pretty obvious that the 3rd one is the best option, however if you wanna go with the number 2 car then you can just buy cheap car magnets and decals for the car.
  13. I'm looking for a Vehical Trailor Set with this order of priorities 1- Good Gas Mileage (Intent is keep operating cost low) 2 - Good Towing Capacity (Intent is to be able to able to move all my possations myself to a new home) 3 - A Small to Medium Sized Vehical (Parking a large vehical is a pain) For the trailor, I'm looking for it to be enclosed Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Jrita621

    College for Automotive- need help

    I’m someone who knows minor things when it comes to cars, meaning I understand how brakes work and all I can pretty much do is change a tire and brakes. I have a passion for cars and sadly don’t know enough or anything at all I’m like a preschool beginner honestly. I want to go to college for automotive but here’s my question- considering I know nothing, where should I start off with in college? I thought maybe a auto apprentice would teach me everything but what would?
  15. Probably isn’t the proper category but need some advice. For someone who knows nearly nothing about cars only a few small things but has a passion for cars what can I go to college for exactly to learn about cars.
  16. Looking for any info or suggestion on valuing this.
  17. Moving around in your new or old drive is so much fun until you start leaving a trail of colored smoke everywhere you go. Imagine causing air pollution every time you are on the go, frustrating, yeah? Black, gray, blue or white smoke from exhausts takes away all of the fun. This signifies various car problems, depending on the color, when it started, and how dense it is. As a driver, it is pertinent to pay attention to your car and spot out any unusual behavior as early as possible. This is why we have compiled this guide to give you a complete understanding of the various smokes from the exhaust, what they signify, how to fix them and other related problems. Details in below ::: White Smoke from Exhaust-Causes and Solutions
  18. Automobilexyz

    How Do Spark Plugs Work ?

    If you want to know about how do spark plugs work, then you have landed on the right page. Spark plugs are a necessity as you cannot start your car’s engine without spark plugs. They are small insulated plugs with the threaded structure on the end that look like a bolt and are fitted on top of the engine’s cylinder head. Details in the bellow: How Do Spark Plugs Work: All That You Need to Know
  19. Hi everyone, I have a Kia Rio Hatch 2012. One of my headlights is cracking from the heat of the sun to the point where i want to replace it. The previous owner had it in the sun and hardly ever drove it. Now because my car is silver it tends to blend easily when and i wanted to get daytime running lights since i drive with my parkers on when its overcast or raining etc. My model headlights didn't come with DRL but later models do. My question is would i be able to put the same model headlights in my car with DRL when my model didn't come with them?? Is there anything fitted with the cars with DRL that i need or is it as simple as just putting them in and hooking them up?
  20. I'm a Car Guy that has kept my cars pristine so I've always either sold my cars myself. This seems to be very rare these days, especially in the over $15K price range - more common under $15K - hence Craigslist it's more common for low-end cars. Most people just don't want to deal with it - great for the dealerships - lot's of profit! So I'm in an unusual situation in which my sister needs a new car. She has a 2010 Acura MDX with only 75K miles. However the leather on the driver seat is pretty worn (no tears), she had a minor fender bender that required a new quarter panel and she can't tell the paint is slightly off but I can, but I'm a "Car Guy." She also says her check engine light came on recently but went away after an oil change. Guy said he reset it for her. She wants to trade it in and get the best price with the least hassle. So I did a little research for her and it looks like either Vroom or KBB Instant Cash Offer might be the way to go. Would give her the widest choices of where to buy the new (used) car from and make the trade in easy on her. With Vroom you answer a bunch of questions, they give you a trade price and come pick up the car and take it to Texas. I would imagine they don't pay you until they've inspected it. With KBB Instant Cash Offer you take it to any one of the dealers that are hooked up with them and they inspect it and modify the offer if necessary. The think about KBB is they are owned by Cox which owns Manheim auctions. So even if the dealer doesn't want to keep it, they know it will go to the auction (although I thought that was the case with any dealer whether they have a relationship with KBB Instant Offer or not, they can all send their card to Manheim - but maybe the KBB relationship has its benefits.) So my question is, has anyone out there used either KBB Instant Offer or Vroom on a trade and how picky were they? It would seem to me, being having bought and sold 35 cars in 30 years, mostly from dealers, it might be best to overestimate the condition of the trade and let the dealer or Vroom counter offer after inspection. I see no downside as long as she's willing to take a far less amount. If these places are always going to talk you down on the trade value (which most of them are) then might as well start with a highball quote. One thing I wonder on Vroom is if you don't agreed to the revised trade, what happens to the car? They don't have the title so it's worthless to them, but will the hold the car hostage until you pay the return shipping fee or do the truck it back for free?
  21. Hello! I am thinking about selling my 2007 infiniti g35x with 150k miles on it. I was wondering how much I could expect to get for it. I am going to be VERY honest about its condition. Here are the things that would knock down the value: 1. There is a large dent in the passenger side door. 2. There is a small, fixable chip in the windshield. 3. There are small, shallow scratches in the paint on the driver's side from bushes in my driveway. 4. The AC is completely broken. The whole thing needs to be replaced. 5. The transmission slips when it is 90+ degrees outside. 6. The interior door panels are scratched and there are 2 large gashes in the driver's seat. Thanks!
  22. I have a 2007 Infiniti g35x that has 150k miles on it. The car runs fine EXCEPT in the summer when it is 90+ degrees. At these temperatures, the car runs at 5000-6000 rpm at speeds above 45 mph. I have had the car for 5 years, and I have not had the transmission serviced during that time. Would a transmission flush be of any help? There is no check engine light on, but should I have a diagnostic test run? Thanks!
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  24. The dashboard shows it's in all gears. It won't start sometimes, unless I pull up on the shifter. Then when it wont start it will say it's in reverse when the shift is in park and it will not stop ar nuteral. Any advice?
  25. Chris V.

    What's this car?

    1955 Chevrolet 210
  26. Chris V.

    Unknown car

    Nash Metropolitan. Obviously a 1960 model.
  27. Chris V.

    Anybody know who's emblem this is

    Volkswagen Wolfsburg crest, probably off an older Beetle.
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